Preventing a House Fire

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Preventing a House FireHouse fires happen to thousands of people in the UK each and every year and with all of the new technology available to us and the fact that a lot of our homes haven’t been checked recently for electrical issues suggests that there is a chance that the numbers could continue to rise.

A house fire has the potential to ruin your life. Just think, the home you have worked hard for and made your own could be ruined by one little slip up not to mention the danger a fire can cause your family. Don’t let a house fire ruin your home and put your family at risk and take the precautions necessary to be safe. Here are a few ways you can prevent a house fire and make sure you survive one if it does occur.

Get a professional to check your electrical systems

The electrical set up of your home is very important to preventing a fire. The first thing to check would be the way you have things set up personally such as overloaded sockets, worn down rubber revealing coils, flickering lights etc.

One home I lived in had been wired by someone who wasn’t an electrician and the shower gave off a mini electrical shock every time it was switched off and the professional that came to fix it explained there were lots of poorly done jobs like this which is why it is important to always hire a professional when it comes to electrics.

Check the gas systems in your home

A gas leak or equipment in need of replacing can be a major hazard when trying to avoid a fire so it is always best to have these things checked by a professional and kept up to date.

The same goes for the heating in your home which should be checked regularly to ensure that it is running happily.

Check your home appliances frequently

Your kitchen poses a large risk of a fire so you need to ensure that you are checking your oven and stove to make sure there is no accumulation of grease and oil. Also check the ventilation systems as they need to be running efficiently.

If you have heaters in your home it is essential that you keep them uncovered even when you think they are switched off as they will cause fires fairly easily if they are near flammable materials such as curtains.

Have the necessary equipment

House fires are a lot more frequent than you would imagine so it is always useful to have some fire safety equipment handy. I recently bought fire extinguishers for my home and some fire escape ladders which are perfect for a quick and safe getaway in the event of a fire.

Warmseal can fit a fire escape ladder to your home which looks just like a rainwater pipe and could save your life.

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