Key Steps to Buying New Windows

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Key Steps to Buying New Windows
Can’t make up your mind whether to live with your current windows or buy new ones? Many homeowners tend to feel a little overwhelmed when faced with the need for new or replacement windows. Having new windows installed in your home wins hands down every time. Here are just a few of the benefits:-

  • Easy and swift installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Less draughts
  • Energy savings
  • Easier cleaning
  • Smart appearance

One of the first steps in buying new windows is to determine your needs, budget, window functions and designs. Buying new windows and having them installed can be seen as quite a large investment for many homeowners, so evaluate all the options before taking the plunge.
Windows Showroom

Choosing your window supplier

Why not visit a showroom where you can compare different brands, designs and models of windows? Decide on how many windows you actually need, the style of window and the installation process. Take into account:-

  • Appearance – imagine the windows in your home. Will the style blend well in the interior as well as the exterior? Will the windows suit your property? Unless you’re trying to match existing windows, think about choosing a low maintenance exterior such as uPVC or aluminium. These types of finishes have a longevity service life of around twenty years before needing to be replaced.
  • Functions and operations – when visiting a showroom, try out the window displays. Do they open and close smoothly? Are the runners, cranks and locking devices solid, do they look as though they will withstand heavy use? If you have children, do the windows have child safety features?
  • Cleaning – when it comes to cleaning, can you easily reach both the interior and exterior glass? If not are the windows rotational?
  • Energy efficient – new window technology has advanced considerably in the last few years. Having a new set of windows installed in your property can make your home much more energy efficient. Windows take a lot of abuse and must be able to withstand heavy rain, snow and ice. Over the years, the weather will take its toll on your windows so make sure you buy quality products from reputable and reliable window suppliers.

Viewing customer feedback

Residence 9 Windows
Viewing a company’s customer feedback is a good way to judge reliability. We receive brilliant feedback from our loyal customers based on a wide range of window products such as:

  • Lifestyle uPVC
  • Residence 9 Traditional
  • Aluminium windows
  • Genesis vertical sliders

Why not arrange an initial consultation where a friendly sales team member will visit your home to discuss the window products you are looking for?

Measurements will be taken so an accurate initial quote can be calculated. By choosing a recommended and highly reputable firm, the installation process will be straightforward. Everything will be taken care of so your home benefits from high end new windows which not only look great but will add value to your home too.

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