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House into HomeHave you just moved into a new house and are wondering how to get it to feel like your home? Or maybe you’ve lived there a while but something just doesn’t feel right yet. Don’t worry if you aren’t quite there with your house, it can become very homely in no time and the process of making it that way can be great fun. Here are some tips to help you turn your house into your home.

Get sentimental

The most important thing to do when trying to make your house more homely is to give it some personality and make it personal to you. A great way to do this might be to get some pictures up on the walls of you and your family and friends. This can instantly make your house more personal as it now has memories. Taking pictures of things that happen at the house can also be a benefit as they will show good times that you have had there and this will help you settle easier.Family Potraits

Pictures of family events on the walls will also make your home more welcoming to visitors as they can see that you value these memories and the personality will be clear to them also.

It’s not just family photographs that can bring sentimentality to your home, however. You can also fill it with things that you are passionate about and love such as artworks, artefacts and souvenirs that you have accumulated over the years. If you have been to a certain place that you loved you could bring a part of it into your home. It is important that you home is a world that is filled with things you love and feel comfortable around.

Open rooms up

One thing that can make you feel closer with the people you live with is spending time with them when you are at home. Having open plan rooms can help bring the people you are close to together. If the kitchen and the living room are one big room you can socialise without giving one activity up. Mum and Dad can be cooking in the kitchen and spending time with the kids who are chilling in the living room.

Give your furniture character

You can design the interior of your home anyway you like and this can have a big impact on you feeling at home in your house. If you love anything retro then you can add character to your home by going for some retro colours on furniture or walls.

If you like cosy and old fashioned you could add a lot of wood to your home and even a log fire. Alternatively you might want a modern home which is easy to achieve in this day and age with fantastic modern furniture available.

Light up your lifeConservatory

Adding light to your home can instantly make it a warmer and friendlier place to be. This can be done with some bright, bold colours for the walls or furniture. Alternatively you could use natural light by adding a window to a room. Maybe you love the outdoors, in which case you could get yourself a conservatory that can bring the outdoors into your home. This will also light your home up which instantly makes it more inviting. Planting plants may also help to feel at home.

Be comfortable in your home

Comfort is possibly the most important thing when it comes to your home so make sure that your sofas, flooring and other furniture are comfortable and this will make your home somewhere you are always happy to be.

Remember, comfort is important for everyone and so if you have children you should customise their space so they too feel at home always. When your children feel at home they will be a lot more relaxed and this will, in turn, help you to feel more at home too.

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