Great Tips to Make a Small Room Look Big

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Small Room Look BigMost people today can relate to the nightmare of having rooms that, quite frankly, just aren’t big enough. Cramming the dining room into a living room that is already swamped with sofas, a TV, coffee tables and bookshelves is a daunting task which can leave your special room looking cramped and minuscule. Thankfully there are some great ways to change your rooms so that they seem a whole lot more spacious, and here they are.

  1. De-clutter – The first thing that you will want to do is to make sure that your room is free of any unnecessary clutter. Any objects you don’t use can be thrown out or at least taken from the room and this will instantly add space to a small room. If you are not interested in changing furniture or redecorating then this is a crucial option for you.
  2. Take full advantage of light – Brightness can play a big part in making a room in your home feel bigger. There are a few techniques to maximise the potential of the light your room gets. Firstly you should leave the window uncovered to allow as much natural light as possible into the room as possible. Warmseal offer a brilliant range of windows that will look fantastic in your home and if you feel a room could benefit from a window or an extra window then you could add a large window to the room or even some French or bi-folding doors which will bring some ideal light in making the room look bigger. The triple glazed windows that Warmseal offer will guarantee that the house is kept as warm as you like it whilst also letting in some great lighting.Matching Colours Bedroom
  3. Choose colour wisely – Colour is important when trying to create the illusion that a space is bigger than it is. Light shades are better as dark ones absorb the light whereas some lighter colours will reflect the light making a room expand. Also you can match colours in the room to help with this, for example having drapes that are the same colour as the walls or matching the colour of the walls and the ceiling or floor will add space. A popular way to do this is to use the same colours but slightly different shades.
  4. Add some stripes – A carpet or rug that has stripes on will elongate the room making it seem longer and in turn more spacious.
  5. Smart furniture – Multipurpose furniture is a great way to create space in a small room. You can now buy kitchen worktops that have sinks that can fold down to make extra surface space. There is also furniture that can act as a desk as well as a coffee table and storage space. Ottoman’s that act as chairs and storage spaces can be very effective in a living room that has clutter from children.Glass Coffee Table
  6. Mirrors and glass furniture – A cleverly placed mirror that shows a window and the outdoors in it can make a room look instantly larger. Also glass tables create an illusion of size.
  7. Bring attention to the ceiling – Paint the roof a bold colour to take people’s eyes upwards. This will make the room seem higher. Also, keeping the sofa off the wall can prevent the room feeling cramped.
  8. Add some character – Some bold artwork on the walls can make a room seem bigger as this absorbs a lot of attention. You may also wish to accompany this with smaller lights positioned around the room instead of the usual lampshade hanging from the room.

Follow these tips and your small space will feel noticeable bigger in no time.

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