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Painting Banner ImageWith Christmas over and the new-year in full swing we always promise ourselves that there will be changes to improve our lives. One brilliant thing that you can do for 2015 is improve your home to give yourself a nicer living environment and a fresh beginning to this new year.

Make your house a home

The most important thing about your home is that you feel comfortable and happy living in it. I’m sure we’ve all been to houses that just haven’t felt homely, as if there was something missing. One thing that is imperative for your home is character and personality. Here are a few tips on how to make your home feel warm and inviting, a place you are proud to call home.

A Chalk Wall

A chalk wall can give a room a lot of personality as you can paint images onto the wall and write phrases that mean something to you and your family. When you have guests over they could participate and this will be something fun which gives your house a relaxed and fun look. This can also be ideal as the images can be changed at any time.

Different Walls

Rooms often have four walls but this does not mean every wall in that room needs to be decorated the same way. It is very effective to have one wall in the room offering something different. This different wall should be more colourful and it is a good idea to go for some sort of pattern as well as a different colour.

Adding PersonalityModern Furniture

I can’t emphasise enough, how important personality in your home is and this means that there should be things representing your own personality, for example, photographs of loved ones and memories you have had are a great way to make your home feel homely. Create collages of memories on certain walls and this will also make guests feel welcome and part of something fun. Alternatively have your collections on display in your home to add character. If you collect cards, bottles, coins or anything that you take pride in, let everyone see.


Retro belongings can also make a house seem more welcoming such as, a first aid kit from the First World War or a treasure chest to use as storage. Furniture is vitally important in making your house feel homely and you have to choose something that matches your character. Maybe you seek something unique and modern, in which case you should use modern materials such as glass and metals. If you’d prefer something retro you may consider older materials such as wood and buy wooden stools or an iron coloured bath.


Paintings are something that really adds character to your home and with so many to choose from you will be sure to find some that match you tastes. Purchase art that makes you feel good about yourself.


Plants Living Room

Plants are a belonging that can really add energy to a room. Get as many plants as necessary to make your home feel warm and green. Recruiting other outdoor materials can also give your home a fresh new feel such as using interesting rocks as door stops.

Keeping it Clean

It is crucial that you de-clutter your home in this new-year so that it looks and, more importantly, feels cleaner and more spacious. This will make you feel more comfortable and happy in your home.

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