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Interior trends are forever changing and let’s be honest there have been some pretty bad ones! I’m sure we’ve all seen the flowery psychedelic wallpaper of the 60s and the drastically boring carpet designs of the 70s. So it’s true, interior design has probably changed for the better in the last decade or so. It’s safe to the modern kitchen is certainly a lot nicer.

However, the top trends are bound to change again for the upcoming year so make sure you’re on top. Here is what we think the top three trends will be for 2015. There is a fair amount of versatility here so you will have a range of ideas to help your home keep with the times.

Go retro


The retro approach is something that will be popular in 2015 and this will allow you the opportunity to bring classy, romantic interior into your home and this will make it a warm and comfortable place to be. Retro furniture can be elegant and unique in modern society and, when accompanied with a modern design, can be something very special.

Colours are very important when it comes to the interior of your home. Modern design favours light greys and cream white which can be mixed with slightly darker colours but a lot of designers are of the belief that some popular colours from eras such as the 60s are coming back into fashion. Olive green is expected to be extremely popular because it is a warm, natural colour that mixes well with pretty much any other colour or material, including wood which adds to the organic look it gives. Orange is also said to be making a comeback and this too has a retro feel as it has not been popular since the 60s.

Nature inspired décor

Nature seems to be playing a big part in the interior design of 2015. Green spaces will be popular accompanied with a lot of glass, whether it be glass windows, glass walls or just glass furniture. Green will be a major colour in nature inspired designs but will need to be complimented by other muddy and warm colours such as olive, and a dark purple or aubergine. The green will have to be a range of different shades giving the appearance of a natural outdoor area such as a forest. Brighter colours will look great with these natural dark colours as it will add a contemporary twist and make the room an exciting place to be.

Wallpapers could also be chosen to bring a nature design to the room and these would include floral patterns, possibly with vibrant colours are even pictures of trees and wildlife which almost creates a backdrop of a Caribbean rainforest which will need to be accompanied with some green furniture and greenery in a glass vase.

Modern materials – Modern colours

The final option would be to go for a truly modern design which does incorporate some old or recycled materials which are also often natural but in a way that is totally unique and fresh. A modern design aims to be elegant and sophisticated whilst also being unique and creative. Dark colours such as a very deep blue paired with a light colour such as white creates a very modern look as the strong contrast is a new design.

With modern colours there is often a contrast. Whites and cream colours are often popular for this and they will be mixed with reds, greens and yellows to give a beautiful contrast. Softly curved lines on furniture is a modern technique as well as organic shapes which you will usually see in sci-fi movies set in the future.

One more thing that will give your home a very modern look is the combination of different materials. For example materials like stone and wood are not often seen together in a home but work well together. Also glass and metal is becoming increasingly popular for table design. Mixing materials like this will give a modern feel to your home. Why not try a leather chair with metal involved.

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