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Interior Design SpringThe spring and summer seasons are full of new life and they seem to subconsciously give us a boost in our day to day lives. When we enter into a new season like spring there are plenty of changes that we make. We start to look after our gardens more due to the lease of life that the warmer weather gives to the plants. We also make changes to our wardrobe to add colour and fresh ideas to our fashion. However, it isn’t just fashion that needs re-evaluating, we should also take the time to update the interior of our homes to keep up with the warmer seasons so we don’t get stuck in the dullness of winter.

Spring symbolises new life for nature and this metaphor can be brought into the home with a sprucing up of our interior design. There are a few trends that are taking shape for spring and summer of 2015 and this article will try to point some of them out to help you decide what the best way to improve your home will be.

PatternsBird Wallpaper

One thing that seems to be crucial this spring is to incorporate patterns into your furniture. If you’re only looking for a slight change then this can something as subtle as buying cushions with bold, obvious patterns on them. If you are looking to make a big change to a room you could look into some patterned wallpaper and rugs as well to really bring the room to life.

The first thing we think about when approaching the spring and summer months is an increase in temperature. For this reason it is popular for the patterns we choose to have elements of a tropical paradise with exotic plants or animals. Flying animals are the most popular such as dragon flies or colourful birds as these patterns contain striking colours that liven up the room nicely. Be sure to add other colours into the room so as not to go overboard on the nature approach.


Following on from the tropical idea, it can also help improve the look of a room if you add some greenery. This can be anything from green wallpaper or furniture all the way to some nice green plants. If you are adding plants to a room it looks good if they have large green leaves. This will blend in nicely with plain colours in the wallpaper and carpet but will look even better accompanied by some wooden furniture. Green is a colour that represents growth and new beginnings which seems fitting for the start of a new season.

Colour combinations

One thing that is crucially important when changing the décor of your home is that you Striped Wallpaper Decorpick the right colours to ensure that you compliment the space you are working with. Tangerine can light up a whole room and looks great with a gold or grey background.

Splashes of colour can also work very well but you should try to give it some consistency, for example, lavender on the roof and on the floor with nothing in between can work nicely and this adds instant class. Also bold stripes on furniture or wallpaper will give your home a fresh new look.

One thing that is important to make sure the colours work well is that the room is well lit. A large window or some French or bi-folding doors can work wonders to allowing a maximum level of light into a room and this really will complement the colours that you choose.

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