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Autumn Interior DesignThe summer is officially over and now we are entering into the autumn and winter months. Now I don’t know about you but my home still has some summer features that are beginning to look a little out of place. The sad reality is that autumn brings the need to revamp your home to keep it up to date with the change in season. Fortunately for me I enjoy redecorating my home but for some it can be a nightmare so here are a few great ideas that are easy for you and your home.

Wood is in

When I think of autumn and winter my mind instantly shoots to a log cabin surrounded by bare trees in a cosy environment. Wood is always great for autumn and there are simple ways to incorporate it into your home. I feel that dark wood is the best colour to be going for and you can do this in the form of a new sofa, coffee table or even bed posts.

Log fire inspiration

Log fires are ideal for this time of year and there is no question that they look amazing as well as being seriously romantic. It can be a bit of a hassle to dig out a chimney for a real one but you can buy some very attractive fireplaces that allow real wood and they are absolutely amazing for these colder months.

Change your colours

Sometimes preparing for autumn and winter can be as easy as changing the colour theme of a room. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to redecorate the walls, although this could be effective, you could simple just change the rug or the cushions on the sofa. Greys, dark blues, oranges and olive greens can be really nice this year.

Something cheap like a fur rug for your sitting room can be effective or a dark coloured throw for the sofa. Colours can make the place feel like a warmer place which is important in the cold months.


When the autumn and winter comes around we like to change our wardrobe and knitted jumpers seem to be in every winter but knitwear can also be popular in furniture. Go for some knitted cushions, throws or a knitted pouffe.

Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture looks sublime in autumn and winter and it is so easy to find too. Even having a load of old leather books lying around can be an effective interior design tool. Other than this you could have some vintage looking ornaments, preferably made from wood which just makes the place seem a warmer place to be.

Autumn patterns

There are certain patterns that are associated with certain seasons and for the autumn and winter months I would recommend checks for blankets and rugs. Wallpaper and other materials such as curtains could incorporate some leave, bare trees, and other aspects that you would associate with this time of year.

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