What Is a Composite Door: Everything You Need to Know

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“What is a composite door?”

For a homeowner with a standard wooden door installation, this question may sound like asking “What is a space-aged microwave oven?”

The answer is simpler than that, though. Composite doors, to be frank, are high-end units with better construction, insulation, and lifespans.

Join us, as we take a closer look at composite doors, and how you can use them to add value to your home.

What Is A Composite Door?

Let’s start with the most important question: “What are composite doors made of?”

Composite doors are door panels built from materials selected for their structural properties. They’re composites, as the name says, and they’re built for strength.

Because these doors have to meet a strict standard, they’re stronger than doors made of single materials, like wood or plastic. They have high resistance to abrasions, warping, and blunt force trauma.

These doors earn their reputation for better quality by using the best materials for durability, and maintenance. After sheets of various metals are pressed together to create a door, the manufacturer weatherproofs it with a glaze

Materials used in the construction of a standard composite door include:

  • GRP, Glass Reinforced Plastic, or glass-fiber is a popular component in composite doors. Strong and durable, this material migrated from speedboat construction to composite doors. And the results are compelling, to say the least.
  • Timber isn’t “left for the wooden doors”, and actually helps to insulate and strengthen composite doors, as well.
  • Insulating foam, for improved insulation, an important factor in any home door.

Depending on the door, they may also make use of PVC for their sash, and other treatments to make them less susceptible to abrasions and wear-and-tear.

Why Composite Doors Are For You

It’s not a matter of opinion: composite doors are superior to standard or UPVC doors on many important fronts.

Imagine a knife made out of one kind of metal. Then measured it against one where the metals in it have unique sharpening, stability, and sheen capabilities. The first knife may “do the job” – after all, people throughout history have made them like this, mostly out of necessity. A modern knife incorporates different metals, making it last longer and keep its edge better than other ones.

A composite door works better at being a door by nature of its very construction. Cost effective materials make them cheaper to make and buy. Stronger composites mean they work better at being a secure barrier. They’ll look new for longer because they’ll likely be scuff resistant.

Soundproofing forms part of the composite, owing to our knowledge of sound-dampening materials. They can be built lighter, repaired quicker, and are weather resistant in ways that a solid piece of wood just isn’t.

Composite Doors UK: A Note On Security

Easily one of the most common considerations for people buying a composite door, and one we’ve briefly touched on, is security.

Durable materials are pressed into flat panels. These get glued together under high pressure, creating an extremely durable door.

Add extremely durable multi-point locking mechanisms that last for years, and the result is a door that’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Concerning Insulation

Homeowners and builders alike will tell you wooden doors work extremely well at insulating a home. Composite door owners will agree with them, and then tell you their doors work as well (if not better) at the same job.

The deciding factor, however, comes when you consider a door’s ability to insulate consistently over time. And it’s in this regard that composite doors excel.

A composite door retains its insulation properties over huge periods of time. Wooden doors, prone to wear and tear, will not. Composite materials help doors to stay inert and relatively unaffected with age. What they lock in today, they’ll be locking in for years to come.

Add the fact that advanced glazing puts your door at the forefront of contemporary insulation, and there’s no competition.

Life Cycles

Solid wood doors will always hold a special place in all our hearts. But the truth is, they use organic materials, and their life expectancy rises and falls based on natural weathering. Wind, dust, regular use, and various impacts can all wear away at a wooden door quicker than you might expect.

Conservatively, you can expect thirty years from plastic doors, for instance, provided you take care of them and you’re lucky.

Compared to this, composite doors can last literally a lifetime. They are low-maintenance, and your biggest investment is likely to be a yearly hinge oiling. These doors are immovable, by way of their construction, and once you’ve installed one, it’s liable to be the last one you’ll ever need.

Getting The Right Look

Of course, none of these structural factors are important if your door doesn’t look anything like the rest of your home.

This is the part that persuades most into choosing a composite door. For doors designed to be superior, these are also remarkably versatile products.

Composite doors are also available in a wide variety of attractive finishes. Where a composite door in days gone by may have been a plain, unremarkable piece of treated material, modern doors can look like anything. Need a convincing wood finish? Trying to colour code to the rest of the doors in your home? There are options available for any look you’re going for, so worry not!

Shut A Composite Door, And It’ll Stay Shut

Not to put too fine a point on it, but composite doors are the next step in door evolution. And, considering their near-infinite lifespan, they may be the last.

So, if you’re asking “What is a composite door?”, a better question may be, “Why am I bothering with literally any other door?” For better construction, more security, improved insulation, and sleeker looks, there is no other choice out there.

Interested in learning more about the best composite doors, double glazed windows, and other home products? Get in touch with us, today, and do home construction better.

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