Outdoor Home Decor 101: What To Know About Door Styles

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red door at the front of houseReplacing your exterior doors is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value.

Exterior doors are normally the first thing visitors notice about your house and they set the tone for your property.

Thankfully, there are various doors styles from which to pick–ensuring that you’ll find exactly the design and look you desire.

What’s more, all of the styles discussed in this post have a variety of wood and fiberglass options–the two most common door materials. There also metal options available–another highly popular material.

Before we look into the most popular door styles available, it’s important to know the different kinds of doors available for your home’s outdoor door decor.

Types of Exterior Doors

There’s a wide variety of doors available made of different materials. Here the common types of materials used to make doors.


Wood provides a more high-end image than other materials.

Strengths: Solid wood resists wear and tear better than any other material. Scratches can be repaired easily and it’s the least likely material to dent.

Weaknesses: Wood doors are quite expensive and they need regular varnishing or painting for the best look.


This is a practical option for most people. Fiberglass doors typically come with an embossed wood-grain feel or a smooth surface. Some have an edge treatment that makes them resemble real wood.

Strengths: Fiberglass doors are more resistant to wear and tear than steel. They’re dent resistant and fairly pricey, require little maintenance and can be painted.

Weaknesses: Severe impact can make them crack.


This kind of door makes up about 50 percent of the market.

Strengths: Steel doors are fairly inexpensive and can provide the weather resistance and security of much pricier wood and fiberglass doors. Steel doors don’t require much maintenance–unless your home environment is prone to dents.

They’re energy-efficient but adding glass panels lowers their insulation value.

Weaknesses: Steel doors don’t resist the weather that well like wood and fiberglass doors. And while they’re usually low-maintenance, scratches could rust if they’re not painted immediately and dents are difficult to fix.


Finally, you can choose solid glass for your home’s outdoor door decor. You also can pair a glass door with any of the above options to get the best of both worlds.

Strengths: Glass doors provide a stunning view from indoors and let in lots of natural light into your room.

Weaknesses: The strengths of these doors can also be considered as weaknesses, depending on your own preferences. Apart from the natural light you get inside, you could also be letting in cold air through the cracks of the door and neighbors can get a peek of what’s happening inside your home.

Common Outdoor Door Styles

Many homeowners aren’t sure of which style of door to choose. If you’re one of them, here are the most popular front door styles to consider.


If you want stylish doors for your home, it may be a good idea to install a modern style door. This style is usually made up of straight lines and may be considered somewhat minimalistic.

The hardware on this door style typically has straight lines as well. This door also tends to have blocked or raised panels that feature translucent or frosted glass.


This front door style has a very unique appearance due to its curved design. Arched exterior doors don’t work in all homes. In most cases, they’re specially ordered. If this style fits your home, consider installing it. It can provide your home with lots of charm.


A rustic style exterior door can be an amazing option for homes with stone or brick exteriors.

Rustic doors can either be arched or rectangular in shape. Unlike other styles, they’re fairly thick and tend to have larger hardware. Moreover, they tend to have raised panels.


Classic style exterior doors may have two to twelve raised panels. They may also have colored panes or glass inserts with some scrollwork.

Traditional styles are usually available in wood, fiberglass, and metal options that are ready to install after buying.

Custom traditional door options are available too. This can be particularly useful if you want to achieve a certain design or if your home doesn’t have normal size doors.


Widely popular in many types of homes–from spacious mountain retreats to cottages–craftsman style of doors is made of fiberglass or wood and often features straight lines and a Shaker-style appearance.

Craftsman doors might feature a window on top with wood or black-outline panes or stained glass and two or three rectangular raised panels at the bottom.

Another popular craftsman door option is a huge glass insert that provides an ample view of the outside. Like other door styles, craftsman comes with custom options.


Also known as stile-and-rail doors, these doors are typically available in four, six, or eight-panel configurations. Used in interior and exterior applications, panel doors feature smooth, framed areas that surround highly embossed panels. Usually, at least one panel will feature a lite or window insert.


These doors are divided into two sections horizontally, so the bottom half stays closed while the top half is open. Dating back to the 17th century, the Dutch style was originally built to let air and light in while keeping out livestock and wildlife.


Highly decorative, French doors, also called casement doors, are typically sold in pairs, with both doors featuring a least one window panel. French doors are typically installed to enable access to living areas outdoors or to indicate formal living areas.


Typically made of whole glass panels, these doors may feature a sliding or hinged construction. Designed to catch the eye, patio doors allow for a simple, beautiful transition between outdoor and indoor environments.

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