Most Breathtaking Patio Door Ideas That Are Trending

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In 2017, UK homeowners who renovated their home spent an estimated £23,100 doing so.

These days, home improvement isn’t limited to your indoor space. More people are making their outdoor spaces as cosy as their living rooms.

Completing the perfect outdoor space means choosing the right patio door. And if you’re looking to improve your patio space, you should know what’s on trend right now.

Keep reading to learn about the hottest patio door trends right now.

The Classic French Patio Doors

French patio doors are patio doors that never go out of style. They’re affordable and allow for natural light to get in. You can choose from different glass inserts to complete any indoor or outdoor decor, including frosted, grilled, and with blinds.

French doors create a nice transition from the indoor space to the patio. Because they’re so popular, they’re available in almost every material, including wood, PVC, and vinyl. You can get them in both swinging and sliding versions.

Extending Your Indoor Space With Your Patio Door

One of the hottest trends in patio doors right now is using the patio as an extension of your indoor space. That means well-made and comfortable furniture, outdoor kitchens, and even outdoor dining areas. To truly pull of this look, you need a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space that can only be accomplished with the right patio door.

The right patio door for this decor is one that visually integrates both spaces. That means doors that hide or can be folded away. Bi-folding and pocket doors are best for this.

A pocket door is one that can be discreetly hidden inside the door frame. When they’re opened, they effectively disappear from view. There’s no more seamless a transition between indoor and outdoor than not having a door at all.

bi-folding door folds up against the door frame so the visual transition between spaces is also unobstructed. They provide a view from the entire door frame and save almost as much space as a pocket door.

Lots and Lots of Glass

Large glass accents are trending in all areas of the home, and your patio door is the perfect place to incorporate this into your decor.

Aesthetically speaking, consider sliding glass doors for a clean and modern look. They slide out of the way, creating the natural transition between spaces you want and making moving between spaces an easy task (which is especially important when you’re thinking about moving furniture to your outdoor space).

Sliding glass doors are also a great option if a swinging door isn’t an option in terms of space. These types of patio door maximize space when there isn’t much to work with. And they come with sliding screens that not only keep the bugs out but also improve ventilation.

Sliding glass doors give you the option of having more glass than french patio doors. They can be customized and made to span an entire room or an entire side of a home.

If open is what you’re looking for, sliding doors can offer you that. But keep in mind that the more glass, the higher the cost. Instead, you might think about a combination of patio doors with windows in repetition for a more economical alternative.

Lots and Lots of Light, Too

Something that will never go out of style is getting lots and lots of light into your home. Your patio door is one of the best ways to let more natural light into your home, and for that reason, should never be a solid door. Any patio door you decide on should have panes of glass that let sunlight pour in.

With patio doors that allow a lot of light in, your dependence on artificial light is decreased. And sunlight is really great for your health. Natural light boosts your vitamin D, reduces the chance of seasonal depression, and even improves your sleep.

Beyond your own wellbeing, natural light also makes your interior look great. There’s nothing like the changing light of the day to bring out the details in your decor.

And as another bonus, patio doors also reduce your dependence on heating and air conditioning systems. When it’s hot outside, you can open up your patio doors to let in the breeze. On the other hand, when the sun is pouring in, it’ll warm up your interior.

Energy Efficiency Isn’t Going Anywhere

40% of your home’s energy is lost through windows, the floor, and your doors. Which is why buying energy efficient patio door isn’t just a trend, it’s a necessity.

Energy efficient doors consume less energy and help your home stay at a comfortable temperature. They’ll help keep your energy bills lower as well. You can choose from dual pane glass, Low-Emissivity glass coating, and gas-filled panes that improve thermal performance.

Black Frames and Clean Lines

For an ultra-modern finish, look for dark or otherwise black frames. They really make your patio doors pop, but they have to be matched with the frames on your windows and other doors in order to complete the look.

Another very trendy look right now are clean lines. They’re visually-appealing from the inside especially because they help draw the eye towards the view outside of the door. Look for slim frames and thin lines if you’re going for grilled inserts.

More Patio Door Options

Your patio door is an important visual and aesthetic component in your indoor/outdoor decor. Whether you’re looking to bring a bit of the indoors outside, wash your living space with natural light, or bring more modern curb appeal to your home, your patio door can help. But regardless of what trend you choose to follow, be sure you get energy efficient patio doors that will lower your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.

And for a comprehensive list of options, check out our patio door inventory.

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