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Fire Escape Ladders

There are 13,500 fire related injuries and 500 deaths in the UK each year - Don’t become another statistic.

The Fire Escape ladder from Warmseal is an innovative solution to help save you and your family in the event of an emergency. The ladder, which resembles a rainwater pipe, is permanently positioned on an outside wall of your home and can be quickly and easily opened by you from an upstairs window.

Fire Escape Ladder

Key Features

  1. The Fire Escape ladder is a highly innovative product that in an emergency, easily drops opens from the top to 90 degrees to the house enabling you and your family to safely exit from your home.
  2. The ladder is installed by our expert team onto the outside wall of your home which resembles an unobtrusive rainwater pipe that is available in a range of colours, perfect for complementing any home.
  3. Our products are easy to use and in the event of a fire all you have to do is release the cap from the top of the fire escape, gravity will take over and the ladder is open and ready to use. Reassembling it back is just as simple. Our product can only be opened from the top, keeping your home safe from any intruders.
  4. All of our products are reassuringly low maintenance. The aluminum ladder is easily installed and is fully weather resistant and maintenance free with the added benefits of serrated rungs, making them slip free in bad weather conditions.

Why Choose Warmseal Newcastle Ltd?

Warmseal are the perfect choice because we’re local to you. We specialise in the installation of the best quality home safety products, so you know you can feel safe in your home.

Our expert team will work with you to install your new Fire Escape Ladder to ensure you’re completely happy with your new addition to your home. With over 25 years of experience in the industry you can choose Warmseal with confidence.