10 Wonderful Design Ideas for Orangeries

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blue sofas in living room with outdoor view The big question: Should you move or improve?

Whether your family is expanding, or you just need a bit more space, you may be considering this question.

But, packing up and moving house is a major, stressful event. In fact, 61% of individuals listed “moving house” as the top most stressful moment in their life. On top of it all, it’s expensive too!

Is it really worth it?

Maybe it’s best for you to improve what you already have. That can easily be done by adding an extension of some kind.

An orangery is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of extending your home. They not only look super stylish but are extremely versatile and can be used for whatever function you need.

Keep reading to find out 8 wonderful design ideas for orangeries.

Let’s go!

1. A Vivid Kitchen

Use your orangery as your kitchen, or an extension of your kitchen. It’ll be a radiant addition to your otherwise dull cooking area.

For a coastal feel, whitewash the floor and kitchen cupboards to create a distressed look. Accessorise with seaside signage and beach hut inspired stripy curtains.

Or for a vintage look, why not add a rustic table and chairs. Hang brassy pendant lights above the kitchen island for a unique design statement.

2. A Night of Entertainment

Brighten up a dull dining room by creating an eye-catching orangery. Instead of sitting and eating dinner whilst watching the TV, you’ll enjoy this bright space to eat a relaxing meal while looking at the glorious views of your garden.

Place a large wooden farmhouse table central below the apex ceiling for maximum “wow” factor. Or to keep the area extra light and airy, use mirrored furniture.

Don’t be afraid to use colour in your accessories and fabrics. Use vibrant, positive shades to make your orangery feel warm and welcoming, even in the chilly winter season.

A well-designed dining room is the best for a night of evening entertainment. Use lots of candles and fairy lights to give it a serene atmosphere. Keep reading for more atmospheric orangery ideas.

3. Lazy Sundays

Use your orangery as a living room area. You’ll never forget those lazy Sunday afternoons lounging in your orangery while the sun shines in. And adding a large set of patio doors can add a natural connection to the great outdoors!

For your orangery interior, how about a shabby chic feel? Use traditional living room furniture with lots of cushions and mismatched textures and patterns. Your cosy orangery gives plenty of light, but in the evening’s fairy lights hung around look really snug.

If you’re into a more contemporary look, try modern L-shaped seating. Sofas in a U-shape are also great for bringing people together to chat. Clean cut blinds and metallic lighting also looks great in orangery interior.

But be careful not to make it too stark, the extra windows can sometimes create a bland look. Why not add botanical-print wallpaper to give it that x-factor!

4. A Snug Study

Instead of having a lonely dark corner, hidden somewhere in the house for your office space, why not try a light-filled office area in your orangery. Working in a bright outdoorsy space is even supposed to help to improve your work performance.

Keep it minimalistic with chic, clean, light coloured furniture. Have a large desk with a wicker chair. To avoid a clinical look, bring the outdoors in, and add a few exotic plants and greenery.

It can also double as your own personal library. Use vintage-style bookcases to showcase your collection.

5. Play Time

Keep your kids toys and clutter in a sunny space. Kids today play more on video games than they do outside. Having their games console in a bright airy orangery will help them to get a bit of needed sunlight!

A stone or matte tile floor is easy to keep clean. Have comfy sofas, lots of cushions and a fluffy rug to keep it warm and cosy in the winter. A large set of patio doors opened on a warm summers day will encourage them to head outside and get some fresh air.

Add a cute corner desk as a place they can do their homework and keep their computer.

6. Work Out Time

An orangery is a great area for your own personal gym. You’ll be able to look at the views of your garden while you’re pounding the running machine, or even lifting weights.

Use an easy to clean, tiled or wooden floor to connect the gym to the rest of your house. Use light colours for decor, and accessorize with a few indoor plants.

7. Be Our Guest

Yes, a guest bedroom!

One of the best orangery ideas is to turn it into a permanent guest bedroom. For a bold look, use dramatic furniture, fabrics and accessories. A Victorian style bed with deeply coloured linin and matching curtains will ensure the room looks united. Add a few wooden seats and a small table for a little seating area.

If you don’t want to keep your orangery as a permanent spare room, why not add a daybed instead. It’ll be the perfect place for you to have a snooze or a relaxing reading session with your favourite book. And when a guest arrives, it can be quickly transformed into the perfect guest room.

8. Orangery – A Tropical Haven

Now here’s a thought, why not use your orangery as an actual orangery?

Use you orangery as a tropical haven of plants and veranda furniture. Although it’s not in the garden, you can create an indoor “greenhouse” that you can relax in. Especially on those days when it’s too cold to actually sit in the garden.

Tile your floor with geometric patterns. Use lush greenery, with creeping plants and trellises. Try bamboo or wooden furniture for that Victorian garden centre look.

The Evolution of Orangeries

As you can see, orangeries have evolved a lot since they were originally designed. They are a stylish multi-functional addition to your home, and in comparison to a full-blown extension, they are cheap to build.

If you’re thinking about extending with an orangery, contact us for a quote. We have an abundance of experience in creating various kinds of orangeries and conservatories and can create the perfect design for your home.

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