Add Space To Your Home With a Conservatory or Orangery

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Add Space To Your Home With a Conservatory or OrangeryIs your home getting a bit on the small side due to a growing family? Would you like extra space but don’t want to relocate? Think about adding a conservatory or an orangery to give you masses of extra room that all the family can enjoy. Save cash too by installing a magnificent conservatory which can be used all year round or a delightful orangery, perfect for entertaining.

Take a conservatory first of all. This addition to your home can certainly create the space you’re looking for. Many people use a conservatory as a dining area or lounge. This will free space inside your home which could be utilised for other things, like a study for instance. There’s some stunning conservatory furniture available, how about:-

  • wicker three piece suites
  • white wooden chairs and dining tables
  • rattan sofas
  • swivel chairs
  • rustic coffee tables

Colourful accessories can also be added to a conservatory for example, pictures on the brick walls, blinds in the roof and windows, plants as well as rugs on the floor. There are so many things you can do to make a conservatory a great part of your property. With lots of light flooding in, a conservatory is the ideal place to entertain family or friends too.

What orangeries offer

An orangery is a great alternative to a conservatory. It also adds plenty of space, light and gives you that extra room you might be looking for. Why not install a log burning stove in your orangery to keep you warm during the winter months? Use this additional room as a dining area or somewhere to chill out.  Heated by underfloor heating, having insulated glass windows and doors will ensure your orangery is warm, as well as cosy all year round.

Orangeries were created about four hundred years ago to grow, what else, but oranges in. They can be easily installed by professionals who will get the job done quickly and without any hassle. These exciting builds can be erected to compliment the style of your property no matter how old it is. An orangery or a conservatory will also add value to your property if you decide to sell in the future, now that’s worth thinking about!

Orangery Roof

The difference between an orangery and conservatory is that the former has a solid wall or walls with large glass windows. A conservatory on the other hand is usually made up from approximately 80% glass and virtually has no walls of brick.

Make a decision sooner rather than later

Deciding whether to buy a conservatory or orangery is a big decision. It must be said it’s a decision you will never regret, not only for the aesthetic looks or the extra space, but for the affordable price. Warmseal has a winter sale on at the moment where you can get up to 25% off the price on either a conservatory or orangery. What are you waiting for? Check out all the details online and place an order soon!

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