The Hard Choice: Orangery or Conservatory?

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Summer is almost over, and making the most out of those (all too brief) sunny days has become a national sport of sorts.

One of the best ways to do so is through an orangery or conservatory. Not only do they create extra room in the house, but they are a fantastic way to relax until the sun dips below the horizon and beyond.

Extra space

An orangery or conservatory is a great way to create that extra space in the home, as well as adding some value to your property. They can have so many different uses; you’ll wonder how you ever coped without one.

If entertaining is your thing, then adding a conservatory on to the house will create an excellent area where you can throw an informal dinner party, or as a general sitting area if you’re planning on hosting a casual drinks party.

You could even use your new space as an extension of the living room or office, which would make a great room to watch your favourite television programmes or as a place to work and study in a sunny and pleasant office environment.

History lesson

Orangeries were initially created to be used to protect oranges from frost during the harsh winter months around 400 years ago. These days they are more commonly used for a more social reason – and much like conservatories, can be used to enjoy the view of your garden, socialise with friends or simply relax by yourself with a book or magazine.

The main difference between the two is that conservatories can be adapted for any purpose, and their construction is generally more simple and straightforward – while an orangery is more like a traditional house extension. They normally feature more brickwork, and tend to blend into the house more elegantly.

Why choose us?

We have a lot of experience in creating a wide range of orangeries and conservatories, and that means that we can get the balance between glass and solid walling for your new investment. Whatever you decide to have, we’ll make sure that you get the right design to complement the period and style of your home beautifully.

If you have an older building, or are worried about the age of your property, don’t be! We are able to create a conservatory or orangery that is perfect for you, while also protecting the structural integrity of your existing home.

What’s more, all of the windows that come with an orangery or conservatory are double glazed and produced to the very highest of manufacturing standards. All of the glass used is British Standard accredited and A+ level rated, which means that your new home addition will be energy efficient and keep the heat inside when necessary.

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