Why an Orangery is a Worthwhile Investment

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Why an Orangery is a Worthwhile InvestmentIf you wish to add value to your home and create an extra room, why not consider adding an orangery? Orangeries are coming back into vogue and are a fantastic way to bring the garden right into your home. They provide a unique atmosphere, somewhere to chill out and relax, as well as being able to be used as a dining area. An orangery is definitely a worthwhile investment if you need extra space, and it’s more cost-effective than moving home.

With so many different styles and sizes of orangeries, take your time in choosing the right one for your home. Make sure the orangery looks as though it is an extension of your property and one a prospective buyer would enjoy if you should consider selling in the future.

More space for everyone

For growing families, an orangery offers the perfect answer for more space. Use this charming room for:-

  • Having family get togethers, Sunday lunch, dinner parties or children’s parties.
  • Children to do their homework in a quiet, comfortable environment.
  • Using as a home office or study.
  • Keeping fit. Put your treadmill in here, stick some headphones on and exercise with splendid views of your garden.

Another plus for an orangery is you can use different interior doors to access the room it’s attached to. Take a look at fabulous French doors, bi-folding doors or double glazed patio doors.

Each would enhance not only the orangery but will definitely be an exciting talking point when friends or family drop in.

Save money on energy

Many orangeries incorporate energy efficient glazing, frames and modern roofing systems. This will also help you to save money on your energy bills. No matter what time of the year it is, an orangery or conservatory is always warm, comfortable and a place where you can enjoy lots of natural light. Benefit from a room that feels spacious with plenty of space for your favourite armchair, pictures, plants and coffee table.

Having an orangery installed will save cash on energy bills and also less hassle than moving home. There aren’t any deposits to pay, mortgage fees, legal costs, removal firm fees or stamp duty fees. So, if you need more space in your home, think about adding an orangery which will certainly increase its value.

Orangery Roof

Bring the outdoors in

An orangery closes the gap between the home and garden. In the winter months when you can no longer enjoy being outdoors, sitting in your fantastic orangery will bring the garden into the heart of your home. Watch the birds looking for food, the changing seasons, beautiful sunsets and even when it’s raining, you can still be warm and snug. Today’s orangeries are energy efficient having pleasant temperatures in the summer and winter. Frames, glazing and roofs can deal with extreme weather conditions keeping the interior warm or cool depending on the time of year. What could be better than having a delightful, contemporary orangery as an extra feature to your property?

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