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Colourful HomeSummer is here and in this day and age we need to stop being so shy about decorating our homes. The vast majority of people across the world will opt for neutral and placid colours when decorating their homes. As a nation we are constantly worried about what others think of us and our lives but there are now more and more people deciding that they need colour in their lives. Sometimes it is good to defy convention and a great way of doing that is to incorporate some flamboyant colours into your day to day life. Why should we live in a dull, black and white world when there are so many colours to brighten our days.

It is true that colours can dictate our moods and certain colours have stereotypes surrounding them, for example beige is a colour that people often associate with dullness and it is usually seen as a boring colour. There are also some colours that would be deemed as safe and un-ambitious such as white and cream. However these colours can be made to look a lot more exciting with some minor adjustments. Here are a few tips that will help you to bring some colour into your home.

Time to get personal

Don’t be afraid to explore new designs, adding colour to a room will reflect you as a person so be creative and go for something that stands out to you. It isn’t a bad thing to turn heads so don’t be afraid to be different; the chances are everyone will love it.

A good way to inject some colour into your home is to start small at first which could be something as simple as adding some plants to a room which will bring life, colour and calmness, creating a pleasant environment.

Art is another great way to add colour to a room and something I would recommend would be paintings with explosions of colour in them. This will grab people’s attention and speaks volumes about you as a person.

Plan carefully

When it comes to decorating your walls you can be as loud or subtle as you like because you have the rest of the room to bring in colour or level out the boldness. It is imperative that you carefully plan the mixture of colours that you will use in the room because there are certain colours that will work well together and some that should not be thrown in the same room. Be tactful with furniture and flooring as this is where you can make a real statement. Reds and yellows can go well together but I would suggest adding some neutral colours to the equation so as not to get too carried away giving off a rainbow effect.

It can be really easy to add colour to a room and one way of doing this would be to have three walls in a room the same colour and the fourth wall a different colour. This would be effective as the different wall will get attention but is understated by the rest.

Get some light in your life

It is a good idea to add colour to your home this year as it can make you feel happier and more satisfied with your life but it is also important that you allow ample light to hit the bold colours in your home. Check out the array of window and door designs at Warmseal and get some light into your home.

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