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Top Home Selling PointsAre you looking to sell your property over the next few months? There are a number of different ways in which to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Why not begin with the exterior appeal of your home? Stand outside and compare your home to your neighbours’ properties. If you feel slightly mortified, then it’s likely you have already failed to impress any potential buyers. Ask yourself:-

When was the last time I cleaned those gutters out?

When did I mow the lawn last?

Does the overgrown garden and driveway full of weeds put people off?

Were those paving slabs always that uneven?

Could the property benefit from new windows?

Home improvements like having new windows installed will certainly make your property more appealing to buyers while at the same time adding value. High quality double glazing windows will give your property that extra “wow” factor just before putting it onto the market.

It’s time to de-clutter and clean

To give yourself the best opportunity of a quick property sale, start to de-clutter. If you have accumulated lots of bits and pieces over the years, now is the time to get rid or give them to charity. Alternatively, sell any unwanted items online or at a car boot sale. This will give you more money in your pocket to help with the moving costs.

After de-cluttering, the next step is to fix up and clean your home. Do what it takes to put yourself in a better position to sell. Clean your home thoroughly from top to bottom. This should include dusting, vacuuming and polishing everything you can lay your hands on.

How about rearranging your furniture? It not only helps to make rooms look bigger, but more appealing too. Don’t forget those niggling repairs you’ve being meaning to do. You know the ones, that dripping shower, leaking tap, cracks in the walls and a touch of paint here and there. Let’s face it, the last thing buyers want to see is a property in disrepair.

One thing’s for sure, conservatories are definitely appealing. OK you might have to splash out a little cash, however a new conservatory or orangery will provide your property with extra space and extra value.


A conservatory will make your home a better prospect to people with families so there’s a better chance of a sale. Installing home improvements to increase your home’s value is a brilliant idea. What’s more, they make for a great selling point to potential buyers. Everything from new windows to doors, conservatories to an extra bedroom can make all the difference.

Extensions and open-plan living are said by many within the housing market industry, to be top selling points. When searching for a property to buy, house-hunters are now looking for additional home improvements. Space is often a priority as are top of the range windows and doors. Something like a stylish conservatory or an orangery really can help sell your house. Take the bull by the horns, plan ahead and make home improvements sooner rather than later.

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