7 Gorgeous Conservatory Design Trends to Inspire You in 2019

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conservatory with outdoor viewHave you ever had one of those days when you want to go out and have fun but also want the comfort of your couch? What about the times when you want both Indian food and good old fish and chips?

Sometimes we want the best of both worlds, and it’s not always possible. Thankfully, though, if you want both the sunshine of the outdoors and the temperature control of the indoors, there’s a solution. A great conservatory is a convenient addition to any home.

To enjoy your conservatory to its fullest, you want to love the way it looks. Get inspired by these conservatory design trends.

Conservatory Design Trends Your Home Needs

Whether your home has a contemporary look or a traditional cosiness, you can incorporate these hot trends.

1. Cool Colours

You want your home’s conservatory to be versatile enough that it’s refreshing in the summer and comforting in the winter. How do you find a colour scheme that works all year round?

It’s easier to warm up cool colours than to cool down warm colours. Stick with today’s trend of cool colours as the backdrop for your conservatory.

The most popular options are greys and blues. Use these as your wall colour or flooring colours. In the summer, use similar colours in your design accents to keep a consistent, calming style.

If you want a brighter look, add in some yellows, oranges, or other bright colours. They’ll warm up the room in a hurry with a low cost.

2. Tile-tastic

Choosing the flooring for your conservatory is one of the most important tasks in your design. Today, options like indoor-outdoor carpet look dated and they’re hard to clean. Go for tile flooring instead.

One of the greatest benefits of tile in your conservatory is its versatility. It comes in countless colours and styles. If you like a hardwood look, you can even find tiles that mimic it.

Some people hesitate about tile floors. They think it makes the room look colder, but this is easy to remedy if you find it to be an issue. Find a great area rug that complements your design while adding some warmth and texture into the conservatory.

3. Multi-Functional Haven

As whimsical as it might sound to have a sitting room in your conservatory, you don’t need to limit yourself. Today’s trend is to make your conservatory a multi-functional space that fits all your needs.

In addition to comfortable furniture, add a wet bar or a dry cocktail station. This makes your conservatory or your orangery the perfect place for a low-key party.

If your social time revolves around great food, you can also tailor your conservatory to that passion. Instead of a wet bar, install a full kitchenette for food prep. Make a dining table the centre and focal point of your conservatory’s design.

4. Rattan Rich

Paint colours, flooring, and layout are the first decisions you need to make in your conservatory design. Still, the greatest design isn’t complete without the right furniture to accent it.

As you shop for your conservatory furniture, don’t ignore today’s top trend: rattan. As wicker’s higher-end cousin, rattan has that perfect indoor-outdoor versatility.

Traditional rattan has a rustic country look. If you prefer a modern aesthetic, though, don’t turn your back on it. Rattan comes in colours like black and espresso which modernize your look. You can even paint rattan furniture in the future for an update.

You can also customize your rattan furniture by changing up the cushions. Whether you want patterns or solids, you can change them with the seasons or every few years as your style evolves.

5. Blending Beauties

Speaking of furniture and other design choices, how do you coordinate all your pieces for a cohesive style?

In past decades, it was easy to do this by matching exact colours throughout the conservatory. Today’s trends are all about variety. Instead, you want to pair patterns and solids that coordinate with each other rather than find exact matches.

For example, start with a char that has a beautiful floral pattern. Pull out one colour in the pattern for a sofa, another for your wall colour, and a third for an area rug.

6. Swinging in the Sun

What if you want to get away from traditional furniture in your conservatory? Maybe you want to define the space as a blend between the outdoors and the indoors.

That’s where the swing trend comes in. More and more people are adding swing seats inside their conservatories. It has a traditional, whimsical character but is still useful in a modern design.

The key is to make sure your swing fits into your overall theme or design. Choose the material, colour, and cushion design based on your conservatory’s vibe.

Keep in mind that there are structural limitations, though. Before you invest in a swing, have an expert check to make sure your conservatory ceiling can handle the load.

7. Strategy Over Quantity

Speaking of making your conservatory a happy medium between inside and outside, what better way to do that than with green life?

Plants can thrive in a sunny conservatory. They do wonders for your air quality and they make great decor pieces too.

The problem arises when you try to pack in as many plants as possible. It’s easy to overdo it, especially when you fill the space with young plants that grow larger and more imposing.

Instead, look at plants as parts of your cosmetic design. Choose your conservatory plants based on the colours the plants will develop as well as their sizes and shapes. Plant life is a great way to balance the room if you choose plants with a variety of heights.

Mastering Conservatory Couture

Your conservatory is part of your home. You’ve put so much time and thought into the decor for the rest of your home, so why not apply the same care to your conservatory design?

The trends above great starting points to designing and decorating your conservatory. At the end of the day, though, make sure it fits into your home’s overall look and your personal style.

With all this in mind, any conservatory is only as comfortable as it is well-sealed. To update or construct a new conservatory, reach out to our conservatory installation experts.

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