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Get Inspired Autumn DesignAs much as it pains me to say this it seems summer is, all too quickly, slipping away from us. However, it’s not all bad. Just picture the dark nights sat in front of a fire or gazing up at the stars and suddenly everything feels better.

There’s plenty to get excited about as we go through the transformation between summer and autumn and one thing you should be thinking about is warming up your home with the latest interior design trends. Here are a few trends to sink your teeth into over the coming weeks as you prepare for autumn and winter.

Wood, Wool and Wildlife

Sticking to the three W’s is a great way to get through the coldest of autumns. The natural feel that they bring to your home is not only pleasant on the eye but also adds warmth to any space.

If you need to invest in some new furniture then wood is your best bet this autumn as it will give your home the natural look and leave you happy in the knowledge that it is timeless in style trends.

Wool can be incorporated into your interior design this year in the form of cushions and rugs. This will add instant warmth to any room as well as an increased level of comfort.

Wildlife is another great way to spruce up your home this autumn as it adds a natural atmosphere. Ornaments of animals or wallpaper with wildlife on will be very popular this winter and it gives you the option of adding bold colours to a room. This will help to brighten up your home on the dark nights ahead. Wildlife Wallpaper

A cosy focal point

Having a cosy focal point in your living room can be a really great idea. The fireplace is a great area to use for this as it can offer literal and metaphorical warmth to your room.

Even if your fire place is electric you should surround it with wooden logs which will give a nostalgic and welcoming feel to the room.

Ensure the mantel piece is well decorated with other autumn related ornaments. Top it all off with a cosy rug and some orange or brown armchairs for the perfect autumn hub.

Check yourself

One trend that seems to be never dying is the beautiful effect of checks. If you can you should incorporate checks into a few areas around your home as they are the perfect design for autumn and winter.

You can go large and add some checks in the form of tartan wallpaper on one full wall in any room in the house. I’d personally recommend some dark greens and it can be really effective just putting this wallpaper up on one side of a room.Tartan Wallpaper

If you don’t want to redecorate a whole wall then it’s a great idea to opt for a tartan throw which will look delightful draped over your sofas.

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