Which Doors To Go For, Bi Folding, French or Patio?

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Which Doors To Go ForIf you’re thinking about renovating your current home, in most cases, the back of the property is where you might want to install doors with a difference. There are generally three main choices, these are:-

  • Bi folding doors
  • French doors
  • Patio doors

Each will make a vast improvement to your home as well as adding value to the property itself. Of course choosing a suitable door depends very much on the size of the opening, personal preference and whether it will fit in with your property’s design.

Helping you to choose the right door

If you are constructing or having a new extension built on your property, you will obviously have more flexibility regarding the choice of door options. A builder or architect can create larger structure openings to widen your choice of doors. On the other hand, if you’re replacing old doors on existing openings, then you might be limited by the size. To help you with your choice, here are some advantages of each product and the differences between them.

  • Bi folding doors – bi folding doors are for many, the ultimate door for the back of the house. They offer features that French and patio doors simply don’t. The biggest advantage is when fully open, bi folding doors light up your life by creating more space and a seamless transition from the inside to the outside of the property. What’s more there are now many configurations of bi folding doors offering extra flexibility on how they open. Bi folding doors really do provide the best of both worlds.
  • French doors – these types of doors are more suitable for smaller structural openings. Most people choose to open them outwards although they can open inwards if you wish. One of the main advantages of French doors over patio doors is that if they are your only access door into the garden, you can use only one leaf instead of both. French doors brighten up your home by bringing more light into your living or dining room, whatever time of year. These popular doors give any property a continental feel while increasing its market appeal. Want some further information to why French doors are so appealing?
  • Patio doors – the main advantage of patio doors is that they slide on one track. They tend to take up less space when open compared to French or bi folding doors. Patio doors are ideal if you have a small size patio or balcony area. These doors are not prone to blowing open or closing on windy days like other similar types of swing doors. Many people also opt for patio doors to enhance a room or conservatory. With their slim-line appearance and attractive decorative finishes, patio doors are the perfect fit in any home. Elegant styling means you can enjoy your garden all year round from the comfort of your home.

Which is best?

OK so which is best, a bi folding door, French door or patio door? As mentioned earlier, it’s a matter of personal taste and what suits your home best. If you’re on a budget then French doors are usually the cheapest option. Patio doors cost a little less than bi folding doors so do a little research before splashing out. Whether it’s bi folding, French or patio doors, benefit from top quality products from Warmseal.

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