All You Need to Know About External Doors

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All You Need to Know About External Doors

New external doors speak volumes about you and your taste. It’s very important to have for instance, a front door that looks good and makes your property more secure. Robust external doors also improve energy efficiency and blend in with the rest of the building. With so many styles and colours available a new front door will also improve the look of your property.

Although not on show as much as a front door, a back door is equally as important. It needs to provide security, keep draughts out and again be painted in a colour that doesn’t look out of place.

First of all, when fitting any type of external door, you need to be sure of the size. It’s probably a good decision to ask professionals about floor levels and drainage so there aren’t any major problems after installation.

There are three main external door types to buy on the market namely, bi-fold, patio and French. Let’s take the doors one at a time and discuss them in more detail.

Bi-fold doors

These types of doors can be made up from glazed panels. They open up an entire wall in a house, right or left, inside or outside. Bi-fold doors are sturdy in design and have more framework than glass when closed.

Bi Folding Doors Outside

A great idea for rooms that overlook the garden is to have bi-folding doors installed to let in lots of light. They complement any type of home bringing the outdoors in. Bi-folding doors also transform any living space, brightening rooms up and adding value to your property.

French doors

French doors are more traditional in design and comprise two inward or inward-opening doors. They can be fitted with glass on either side to allow light to flow into a room. Adding a continental feel to your home with beautiful French doors will also increase its market appeal.

French doors are ideal for showing off your garden. These types of doors are perfect if you have children who love to run indoors from outside quickly.

French Doors

Patio doors

Patio doors especially made from uPVC are ideal for a balcony, a conservatory or any room leading onto the garden. They are stylish and come in many decorative finishes. These particular types of doors often have a six-point locking system, a one-piece locking key and an anti-jacking system, so just the job when it comes to security.

Choose from 2, 3 or 4 pane options to bring plenty of light in. With very little maintenance, no painting and no deterioration, install patio doors to make life simpler.

Improve the look of your property by having bi-fold doors, French doors or patio doors installed. Feel safe and secure at home too with high quality doors that will last for many years to come. Why not personalise the doors with smart hardware, preferred colour, style of glass and closure options? Once you’ve replaced one door you’re sure to want to make changes to all of your external doors. You can’t beat having reliable, durable, great looking external doors fitted.

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