Why French Doors Are So Appealing

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image-1French doors can add a stylish look to your home. These doors have multiple small windows, sometimes called lights that are set into the full length of the door. They are a very popular choice with people who are looking for ways to bring more natural light into their homes.

There are usually two types of French doors namely:-

  • The divided lite French door is the traditional type. These quaint doors are assembled with multiple pieces of glass. They tend to have mullions or decorative structural elements designed to divide adjacent window panes. Traditional French doors are typically made from hardwood, so are very durable and long lasting.
  • Exterior French doors – different from traditional French doors, French style exterior doors are often made of double-pane glass to provide extra insulation. These exquisite doors usually have a decorative grille embedded between the panes; however others have grilles that are superimposed over a single pane of glass. Exterior French doors can be one-piece, solid or sliding, depending on their intended use.

Although still often thought more suitable for traditional styled homes, French doors are actually available to buy in many exciting designs and materials such as aluminium. They will sit quite happily within a contemporary home too. Check out Warmseal French doors, perfect for allowing more light into your living or dining room. They are also ideal if you love your garden and wish you could show it off to its full potential.

Flexible French doors

French doors remain a very popular choice for connecting spaces, visually. They also work well when flexibility is needed so that areas can be separated. This makes French doors perfect as an access point to:-

  • A conservatory
  • A patio
  • The garden

There’s no need to stop there. French doors can also be installed on their own, as a matching pair or as part of a series. They are constructed with a hinged door frame that holds one or more transparent panels. This is why French doors are so appealing and enhancing. They have an open look when the doors are open or closed, while providing a wider access point through the open doorway.
French Doors

So many advantages

French doors have so many advantages in comparison to other types like patio doors or bi-folding doors. Due to their unique design and creativity, French doors can brighten up your home and bring the outside in more than their counter-parts, patio and bi-folding doors. If it’s extra light you’re after especially in a small space, then choose French doors every time. Light in weight, French doors also sit well within an elevation while being delightful design features within themselves.

Why not replace a wall in your home with French doors to create a smooth transition between the interior and exterior? When the weather’s warm, open the doors to expand your living space. Make the most out of your garden or patio and allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home. French doors can be used all year round no matter what the weather’s like outside.

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