When To Choose Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors For Your Home

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White BungalowRecent homebuyers in the UK are spending an average of £42,219 on renovations. While the kitchen and garden are two of the most popular projects, conservatories also crack the top 8.

Not everyone can afford the cost of adding a conservatory or orangery to their home, there is one way to bring the garden closer to your living space.

How, you ask? By considering aluminium bi-fold doors.

In this guide, we’re explaining the advantages of adding these space-saving and functional doors. We’ll also share what you should consider if you decide on installing them in your home.

Advantages Of Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

If you’ve flipped on a home improvement programme lately, you’ve likely noticed that bi-fold doors are more than a passing fancy. There are several reasons why owners are selecting them.

1. Slim Profile

The top reason people choose this type of door over French doors or traditional patio doors is their slim profile. Bi-fold doors take up less space and open up the room to the beauty of the outdoors.

2. Security And Safety

Unlike other types of patio doors, aluminium bi-fold doors are safe and secure. They’re weatherproof, so there’s no worrying over rain or other elements getting indoors.
Most think of doors and windows when there’s talk of energy efficiency in the home. Bi-fold doors are the best of both worlds in that regard. Their engineering, design, and construction offer homeowners an eco-friendly way to add a modernised look to their home.

3. Modernised Look

Because of the sleek design and visibility, large bi-fold doors add modernisation to any home. This may not be the aesthetic you’re keen on, and that’s understandable. But, there are different finishes that combine the modern design with a traditional feel.

4. Low Maintenance

Exterior bi-fold doors take little maintenance to preserve their beauty. You only need to wipe them down with washing-up liquid and water. On occasion, you’ll also want to consider wiping them with a dash of oil.

5. They’re Practical

If you’re having any sort of garden party or even during the warm summer months, you won’t have to worry about opening and closing your patio doors throughout the day.
You can leave them open during lovely weather and enjoy the ability to walk in and out with ease. This makes it much easier to entertain or carry dishes to your guests.

What To Consider When Purchasing

Now that you know the advantages of bi-fold doors, you should also know what to look for before you make the purchase.

Cost is the first thing homeowners consider when making a major house buy. But, when you’re deciding whether aluminium bi-fold doors are right for your home, there is more to take in consideration.

1. Find A Suitable Installer

Since Ancient Greek times, philosophers asked ‘What comes first, the chicken or the egg’? It turns out, there’s an answer: both.

The same goes for your new door. Should you find the door first or the installer? Do both.

While it’s a time-saver to look for doors online, only do this for ideas. You can see what’s available and what styles you like most. But, hold off on buying them from an online source.

You want to speak with an installer first. With any luck, they’ll have a showroom you can browse to see the bi-fold doors in person.

They should also have a portfolio or references on hand. This allows you to see their workmanship and even contact references.

Ask them how long they’ve been in business. You’ll also want to ask about licences and insurance, too.

2. The Colour And Finish

Aluminium doors’ costs are higher than PVC-U doors. But, this cost is justified as they’re not subject to the same contraction and expansion process due to weather. It holds the same advantage over timber doors.

Timber doors do have a certain traditional aesthetic that’s hard to beat. But you can come close! You can find several different aluminium doors that have a wood-grain finish.

They also come in different colours and styles to choose from. Make sure you visit a showroom and speak to a specialist who can help you select one that’s best for your taste.

3. Can You Make The Most Of Your Space?

Another part of bi-fold doors’ versatility is in the styles and sizes. No matter what size space you have, there’s bound to be a size to fit. In some cases, homeowners install two or more standard bi-fold door sizes to give the appearance of a ‘wall of glass’.

The doors also open differently. Some open outward, while others open in. This accommodates all sorts of spaces.

4. Do The Doors Meet Current Building Regs?

Once you have an idea of the style, colour, and finish you feel suits your home best, it’s time to check on the engineering. Specifically, do the doors you chose meet current building regs?

Building regulations change all the time. Your installer should know if there are any setbacks with your particular door that will give you any issues.

5. Are There Any Guarantees?

Knowing if the installer has their proper licences and insurance isn’t enough.
You have to know if the manufacturer guarantees the doors. If there is any kind of defect in the product, does the maker have a guarantee to replace it?

What about the installer? If their shoddy installation causes damage or doesn’t hold up, do they back their work?

What assurances do you have for weather?
Are the guarantees backed by insurance?
This is appealing in case the company goes under in six months — you’ll have somebody to contact if something goes awry.

Trust The Product And The Installer

If you’re considering adding aluminium bi-fold doors to your home, the decision doesn’t only come down to the product. What good is a product if the right installer isn’t doing the work?

It’s of the utmost of importance that you’re happy with both the door and the installer. That’s where we fit in.

At Warmseal, our focus is on delivering outstanding products with outstanding service.
Visit our online showroom or contact us about visiting our actual showroom in Newcastle.

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