6 Benefits Of Installing French Style Doors in Your Home

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French Styled Doors

French doors add a certain level of elegance to any home, but they also come with other benefits. Learn how the advantages of installing French style doors.

French doors have been around for centuries. They started out as plain solid wood double doors. Then wrought iron was added in. When the glass industry boomed, glass panes made their way into French doors by the 17th century.

Today, French door designs remain a beautiful and functional type of door that is popular all over the world.

Read on for 6 benefits of French style doors.

1. They Let Lots of Light In

One of the best benefits of internal French doors is that they let natural light flow into your space.

If you buy french doors to go between a room with a window and one without, the second room will benefit from the natural light.

When you use double open french doors to lead to a patio or balcony, you allow natural light to flood into the room. Plus, when the doors are closed you get to enjoy the lovely view.

French doors contribute to a bright and airy atmosphere in your home. They create the illusion of more space which makes them an excellent choice in small homes.

If you have a room in your house that doesn’t have as much natural light as you’d like, installing french doors is a good fix.

There’s nothing quite like natural light to make a room cheery and inviting. You can even choose from a variety of french door designs to make your doors a focal point in the room.

2. Installing French Doors Gives You Access

Floor to ceiling windows versus french doors. Both let in lots of light and can be the focal point of a room.

But the one thing french doors give you that windows can’t is access!

French doors are so functional. They let you really open up your house in a way that sliding doors can’t.

Double open french doors let you easily bring in large furniture or other items into your home from outside. You won’t have to take doors off hinges any longer.

Plus, if you’re hosting a gathering and just need a big, open entry point – french doors provide that with a whole lot of class.

An extra entry point in and out of your home is convenient and useful. French doors work great off bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, walkout basements and more.

3. French Doors Provide a Smooth Transition

Another key benefit of exterior or internal French doors is that provide a way to transition from one space to the next.

Even when the doors are closed, the glass doors allow the spaces on both sides of the door to blend together in harmony. If your home isn’t an open concept, you can still get the feeling of an open and airy space by using french doors throughout your home.

Best of all, exterior french doors can give you an unobstructed view that windows can never replicate. Just swing your french doors wide open. You’ll be able to open up the inside of your home to the beauty of the outdoor space.

This is one way to transition to outdoors and make your outside area another part of your home. It can also make a small room feel very spacious.

4. Reduce Energy Bills

Sliding doors take more time to open and close compared to french doors. That means that less air escapes out the door when you open french doors.

Plus, french doors have a better seal when they are closed. You’ll lose less hot or cool air with these doors over sliding doors.

This will save you money on your heating and cooling bill, year round.

5. French Doors Add Value to Your Home

According to Houzz, installing french doors is one of the 10 best ways to increase your home’s resale value.

For many of the reasons we’ve already discussed, french doors are a great perk that most homebuyers want. It may be just the thing that bumps up an offer or convinces a homebuyer to put an offer in.

French doors are an excellent house upgrade that isn’t expensive. You can quickly and easily install French door without a ton of construction and remodeling mess in your home.

And for such a small project, french doors really do pack a big punch. There’s no denying that French doors have the wow factor.

If you want to create a separate space without isolating it, french doors are the ticket.

6. They’re Durable and Secure

French doors are made of very durable materials, just like sliding or patio doors. Just because these doors are made of glass doesn’t mean that they make your home less secure.

Choose a French door supplier that offers products that are Kitemarked or BBA certified. These high standards will give you peace of mind. You’ll know that the highest security with police-recommended french doors and windows.

You can also choose to get opaque glass on your french doors for privacy. Also, French doors require very little maintenance. They are built to last.

Final Thoughts on French Style Doors

French style doors offer various benefits to you and your property. They give you easier access and transition, make small rooms appear more spacious and welcome in plenty of natural light from your outdoor space.

French doors come in a variety of styles to suit your preferences and the style of your home. Best of all, they are an inexpensive home upgrade that makes a huge difference in your home’s aesthetics and resale value.

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