5 Advantages To Getting A French Door In Your Home

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living room with blue paintFrench doors are very unique, customizable and flexible to your chosen home design. They can redefine your home’s natural lighting, act as a window, and give your room a complete transformation. Whether for functionality, style, or economic reason, they are worth buying.

Not convinced you need French doors in your home? Here’re five advantages of these doors you would want to know.

1. Durable and Secure

French doors are available in highly durable materials hence offering you more security. If you need maximum security, you can buy high-protective grade glass.

Some French doors can withstand very strong winds while protecting your home from flying objects. Fibreglass doors, for example, are durable, strong and can withstand lots of wear and tear. They’re also more resistant to scratches and environmental weathering.

When you require a measured level of security, use steel doors since they’re heavy and are equipped to resist structure damage or break-ins. Use aluminium as the core to the sliding glass patio doors to enhance the durability and strength of the door.

Despite being durable, French doors require little maintenance, and this is a plus if you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and caring for them.

2. Flexible and Customisable

French doors offer lots of flexibilities to the users. They not only connect two interior rooms, but they also give open access from interior spaces to exterior patios, balconies, decks, and many more. You can also install, remove or alter the French doors more easily.

French doors also give you the freedom to choose from different kind of glasses. With Fiberglass, you can choose from tinted, obscure, tempered, or laminated doors.

Tinted fibreglass is the best option for your patio or any place that is exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. Obscure fibreglass allows light to shine through into the room while protecting the view from both sides to give you full privacy.

When you want privacy, especially indoors, you can always choose opaque glass. But if you want to enjoy the magnificent view of your beautiful flower garden, transparent glass is a better choice.

By shutting the transparent doors, you can keep cold air out while allowing sunlight to enter into your living space to provide warmth. And of course, there are plenty of designs to choose from, which range from wood, aluminium and steel to clad and fibreglass. Therefore, you can always find something that suits you.

You also have the freedom to choose between the hinged doors or the sliding doors, depending on your taste.

French doors are modifiable; thus, you can easily build customized security locks. With glass doors, you can change the glass hardware anytime you want, to fit both your interior and exterior fixtures.

3. Enhance Beauty and Ease Access 

French doors make your home feel contemporary. They offer a stylish and classic look that adds charm to the space. You can paint your door with a colour that matches your design requirements. Again, the natural light entering through the glass door brings the colours to life.

The doors can have beautiful finishes such as prefinished white interior, pine, maple, oak, etc. to enhance your home beauty.

French door’s rapidly growing design options ensure those seeking comfort and style are satisfied. When you install a French door near your patio or garden area, you’ll enjoy the magnificent scenery outside.

Other doors only open halfway, but French doors allow you to open up your house all the way. Therefore, you won’t struggle if you have large objects to move into the house. If you frequently host parties and want smooth entry into your house, a French door is your best option.

Therefore, when you think of adding beauty and openness to a living area, bedroom, or an office, choose a French door.

4. Save You Space and Money

Any type of French door can insulate your house. However, the fibreglass and steel types are better insulators than the other materials. Proper insulation saves your energy.

During the day, you have enough light entering your room, and there’s no need to turn on the light switch. If it’s cold inside the natural light will warm your room and you won’t have to spend on air conditioning. Again, you can use the double glazed French doors to reduce energy loss by up to 10%.

A French door gives you the freedom to only heat or cool part of the room you’re using. You can thus save on the cooling and heating bills.

Since these doors come in many styles such as louvred and sliding French doors, their design saves your space, hence very economical. You don’t need a window when you have a French door; you can spend that money on other remodels in your home.

Sliding French doors utilize your room so that there’s no need to leave space for the door to open. You can use the door-opening space for other purposes e.g. for furniture or flower decoration.

5. Increase Your Home’s Value

New French doors will automatically raise the value of your home when you opt to sell after remodelling. Even though the cost of buying quality French doors might scare you, they’ll pay off in the long run.

French doors breathe life and any potential buyer who enters your home won’t look for a better property elsewhere. Given that 86% of UK citizens are aspiring homeowners, chances of making a great sale after renovating a home is high.

Since French doors are known for their elegance, beauty, and functionality, potential home buyers will be willing to pay more to buy your house.

The doors also make your home look bigger than it is. The glass opens up the home and makes people see through to other rooms. This is a plus for smaller homes or those with many walls that box up the space and make it look tight and small.

Today’s buyers are looking into open spaces, and adding French doors is a perfect way to open up your home and make it look airy and big. They add significant resale value and are a perfect investment when renovating a home.

Revamp Your House Today with a French Door

Based on the above advantages, you should consider adding a French door to your home. You can have more than one depending on your budget and how much you want to open up your home.

Don’t know where to get quality and durable French doors for your remodelling project? Check out our residential French doors and contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

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