What To Consider When Choosing A New Front Door For Your Home

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If you’re spending a lot of utilities this year, some of the best-known ways that you lose temperature from your home is through your doors and windows. If this is the case, a new front door could be the answer to lowering your utility bills. This is just one of the things to consider when you’re choosing a new door for your home.

Here are five more things to consider when you’re on the search for a new door.

1. Is Security Vital?

If you’re buying a new door for your home, there’s a lot to think about in advance. A front door means a lot to how a home looks and feels. It lets the world know whether or not a home is taken care of and whether or not it’s secure.

If security is vital to you, you need to think about the kind of door you want from hinge to knob. Every element of your door contributes to how secure it is.

A strong steel door that’s impossible to even weld through is great but you can’t put a cheap knob on it. If you’ve got a large and powerful door that you hope to keep out intruders or intimidate thieves, puny little hinges won’t hold it up. Your hinges, locking mechanism, and even the finish on your door keep it secure.

When security matters, consider a door with a mechanism for you to screen visitors. There are more doors that have electronic locking mechanisms attached that allow you to open them remotely whether you’re home or not. If you love to host guests but want to keep your home protected, these systems are the ideal answer.

2. Have You Considered A Storm Door?

While they’re not as popular in England as they are in the States, storm doors are a great way to have the best of both worlds with your door. People want to have a door that’s open to the world when they’re home, in good weather. They also need to have protection from the elements and intrusion at night or when they’re not home.
Not every type of door goes with a storm door or a screen door. You’ll have to install them in combination with one another, so measure your door frame carefully and check that you can install one. If you don’t have the right sized frame or enough space, you’ll struggle to make the most of this option.

Storm doors are great if you live in a rural area and have kids running in and out all throughout the summer. If you’re looking for a door that has this kind of flexibility, you’ll need two doors instead of just one.

If you like to spend nights at home, watching a rainstorm a storm door offers you this option. If you’d prefer to let the sun come in during the day, that’s another reason to install one.

3. What Do You Want To Convey?

The kind of door that you choose influences how people feel about your home. If you want to convey the idea that you have a home that’s open to guests, that you want people to knock, you can turn them off with the wrong door. For homeowners who want to keep people away from their buzzer and off their property, there are other types of doors.

Metal doors are much more intimidating than wooden doors. Doors that have ornate designs and are made of solid and sturdy materials keep people from walking up and knocking.

Think about the colour too. A bright red door is a classic look for the right home. If you don’t have the right home, it can look gaudy or gauche.

Make sure that your door communicates what you’re looking to say to your potential visitors. Talk to a door and window specialist and ask them what they think. Walk around your neighborhood and take some photos of doors that you think would look good on the front of your home.

4. Material Matters

As stated above, the material for your door matters when you’re choosing one. The wrong material gets damaged quickly, could start to rust, or might end up falling apart sooner than you thought it would.

The material that you choose conveys what you’re trying to say to your visitors as much as it conveys the quality of your home. When you choose a big oak door, you get something that’s sturdy, built to last, and will give your home a certain warmth it can’t get otherwise.

However, you can get the same amount of openness from a fiberglass door. You’ll spend less and get a door that won’t be beaten up by the weather. When your door has some durability, you’ll keep out the elements while keeping your home looking inviting for years to come.

5. Buy For Benefits

Whether you’re looking for just a door or an entire reframing, buy your complete system from the same manufacturer. While some brand might advertise that their products work with this or that locking system or this or that door, you can never be sure. Complete systems are battle tested to seal properly time and time again.
If there are windows built into the door, look for low-e glazing on the glass. This helps to resist break-ins. Expect to pay more if you get brass or lead around your windows.

Steel and fiberglass usually have a vinyl strip that keeps the inside and outside parts separated. This helps to keep temperatures from changing. Double check that your door has this before you buy one.

A New Front Door Has A Lot Of Positives

If you’re considering a new front door for your home, there are a lot of benefits you could be overlooking. If you consider both the material and immaterial aspects of a new door, you’ll ensure that you get the best of both.

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