Fire Escape Ladders – Staying Safe This Fall

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Fire Escape Ladders Staying Safe This FallI’m sure we’d all agree that, when it comes to our homes, safety is paramount and implications should be in place to ensure that ourselves and our families are always safe.

A great accessory to add to your home is fire escape ladders. They offer an added security which seems to be essential in homes of today.

There are over 500,000 incidents attended by fire and rescue departments each year and over 500 deaths in Britain are related to fires. This is a huge statistic that alerts us to a problem that needs to be addressed.

With the continued advancements in technology there are more and more fire risks in the home as electricity is constantly being used. It doesn’t take much for a spark to turn into a blazing fire and it is often impossible to stop without the help of a fire department.

There are frequent cases of fires in the home and occasionally exits can be blocked, especially if you are sleeping upstairs when the fire occurs.

The fire escape ladder that we provide at Warmseal is the perfect solution to the usual fire exits being unavailable. This offer you and your family an alternative escape route that may just save your life.

The fire escape ladders are fitted by our expert team to the outside of your home where they act as a drain pipe until called upon to fold out into a ladder.

They are extremely efficient and easy to use which is necessary in the case of an emergency. Furthermore, the ladders are multifunctional as they act as a drainpipe for your home. There are plenty of colours to choose from to ensure that they add class to your home when you’re not using them to save your life.

A fire escape ladder is easy to maintain and easy to use in the event of an emergency. With the increased amount of fires in the home it is something that would benefit your family greatly as it offers the perfect alternative escape route which could just save your life.

Remember, remember the fifth of November

With Bonfire night just around the corner it is important that you are weary of the risks that come with the excitement.

Ensure that you aren’t putting your home in any danger if you do decide to host your own firework display. Do not fire any fireworks towards your home and make sure you buy good quality equipment without cutting corners.

If you love the atmosphere created by a bonfire then it’s always best to head to a firework display near you where the bonfire is controlled. Don’t get too close to bonfires and be sure not to hold anything flammable when you are around fire.

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