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Be Safe And Secure With LifestyleAll properties lose heat through their windows so isn’t it time for an upgrade in your property? Energy-efficient glazing from Warmseal’s Lifestyle window collection will keep your home:-

  • Warmer
  • Quieter
  • More secure

Another reason to upgrade your windows is to reduce energy bills. You won’t have to worry about heat loss through windows, draughts or cold spots during the winter months. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, our Lifestyle window collection provides exactly that. The Lifestyle range will help to reduce external noise near your home, ideal if you live on a busy road.

High Quality Windows

We offer the highest quality windows with our Lifestyle window collection. Replacing windows will give your home a fresh, new look. It will also make your home more comfortable and appealing, while adding value to the property. Having Warmseal windows installed is the quickest and easiest way to change the entire look and feel of your property’s exterior. Once our environmentally efficient windows have been fitted, expect your energy bills to reduce quite considerably.

Here are a few key features of our Lifestyle windows:-

  • Casement windows, Tilt and Turn, bay or bow are available in double or triple glazed units.
  • All windows exceed the Government’s Environmental and Efficiency requirements.
  • A high quality locking system for additional security.
  • Tow hooks at every locking point.
  • Two hinge guards to every sash.
  • Internally beaded for extra security.
  • Positive drainage – built-in sloping drainage system.
  • Complete with fire escape opening and easy cleaning facility.

1mm hook penetration at every locking point provides increased resistance against forced entry while the highest quality, high security lock handles will also act as a deterrent.

Give your Home a Makeoverlifestyle-window

Warmseal’s double glazed windows are produced in-house to the best possible standards. They are A-rated for energy efficiency and every product we install comes with a Warmseal ten year guarantee.

Your windows probably make up a large part of the façade of your property so the aesthetics are just as important as security. Whatever your preference, we have a style to suit. Our Lifestyle window collection is also available in a wide variety of colours like:-

  • White
  • Irish oak
  • Cream wood grain
  • Golden oak
  • White wood grain
  • Brown black
  • Rosewood

Lifestyle casement windows are fitted with the most up to date and strongest possible window locking mechanisms on the market today. The window locks come with the strength of a door lock via “Bear Grip” hooks which provide a multi-point locking system. What’s more fit hinge guards are the most secure auto locking handles. These will give you peace of mind that your property will be safer and more secure.

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