5 Signs You Need a New Door

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Warmseal New DoorYour front door is probably something that you never really think to inspect to make sure everything is working fine but what you need to remember is that your front door is the one of the most important in your house. For starters it’s the door that you walk through every day to enter or exit your home and it is also the door that any visitors will enter your home from. Here are some signs that should be telling you that your door needs replacing.


First impressions do make a difference and so it is idyllic to have a house that is attractive from the outside and not old and run-down. If your door has cracks, dents, peeling paintwork, or generally looks bad then you should think of replacing it as soon as possible.

Because your front door is such a big part of your home, being the entrance, it plays a huge part on first impressions and so if you want the value of your home to go up then you need to be taking care of things like this because people will notice more than you as you probably use it more than once every day.

Energy Efficiency

Your front door has more jobs than just looking nice from the street, it plays a huge part in the efficiency of your home.

I’ve been into a few homes where the resident has resorted in placing a draught-blocker at the bottom of the door because of its lack of insulation. It’s a big problem if your home has a draught caused by your front door as this could be crippling on the energy bill.

We are in the 21st Century and there are doors that are designed to be energy efficient which will ensure that your home stays warm and your bills stay low.


If your door has cracks in it or seems to be a bit weak when locked you should seriously get a move on and replace it because the front door is also the most common entrance for someone robbing your home. If an opportunist thief walks past your home and sees the door is old and not particularly sturdy there is more chance of them targeting your home and a lot more chance of them being successful in their break-in.

Upgrade your door and ensure your family are safe, warm and confident in the appearance of their home.

Here at Warmseal we offer a vast range of doors which are all made with the latest technology to ensure your home is as energy efficient and safe as possible. All of our doors are made to the highest security standards and due to the wide variety on offer you will be sure to find a style that goes perfect with your home so that every knock on the door is from someone who has a good first impression. Check out our wonderful Warmseal doors here today.

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