Tell-tale Signs You Need New Windows

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Warmseal WindowsA lot of people think that replacing the windows in their home is not important because they only see them as a source of light. However your windows are vital in the insulation of your home as well as playing a big part in making your house look and feel presentable. A house with bad windows will give of a poor first impression and will cause you unnecessary hassle. Here are some tell-tale signs that you need new windows.


If your windows are letting a draft into your home so you can literally feel the cool air of the outdoors then you will know it is time to replace your windows. There should be no whistling of the wind or any cool air coming in. You may thing that it would be too costly to replace your windows but this long term investment will save you massively on your energy bills as well as adding value to your home.

Cloudy windows between panes

If your double gazed windows are cloudy between the panes then this means that somewhere the seal has been broken and the double glazing will not work effectively. Choose from our double or triple glazed windows to ensure the very best of efficiency. Also, if your windows get foggy and pick up condensation easily, forcing you to open the window in winter then you will most likely need to replace them. Extra cold windows in winter also suggests the insulation has gone wrong and they need replacing.

Time consuming maintenance

Wooden window frames do look great and authentic but they also take a lot of maintaining. If the wood around your windows is soft or the paint is flaking then there is a good chance it is rotting due to the tough weather conditions it has to endure. If this is the case, new windows are the best option and the materials we use are very durable and take very little maintenance.

Another maintenance related issue is the cleaning of the glass. If you have a struggle to clean both sides of your windows then it may be time to purchase some of the newer options as the tilt to clean windows makes cleaning difficulties, a thing of the past.

Stiff hinges

Your windows shouldn’t require a great deal of force to open so if you have to wrestle with your window to let some air in then it’s time you thought about replacing them.

Windows that don’t stay put

If you need to use an external object to keep your window from slamming shut or if you have to nail your window shut then you should consider getting something new as this is not necessary. Windows that don’t open are a nightmare in summer so don’t stand for it. Warmseal Locked Windows

Windows that don’t lock

If your windows don’t lock then you have to replace them as this can put your belongings and your family at risk.

The best you can get

If you choose Warmseal to fit your new windows you will get an array of styles to choose from and you will be guaranteed the most efficient windows on the market. It may seem like a lot of money for new windows but you will make that money back in the long run with everything you save on energy bills. Warmseal windows will last a very long time as they are top quality and will brighten up your home.

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