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Cleaning WindowsWe’re now firmly into the new year and winter is well and truly upon us. Temperatures are dropping drastically and there has been the odd sign of snow here and there all over the country. Something that the winter can bring is dullness and a there is a large emphasis on the colour grey when we think about this time of year.

I’d say that at this time of year we need to think more positively and enjoy the crisp winter nights and being nice and warm beside the fire whilst the wind howls outside your window. Sometimes all we need to do is to let some light into our homes so that it isn’t dull all throughout the day and make sure that we have a clear, unobstructed view of the outdoor world so we can enjoy the winter from the comfort of our own homes.

Winter is a lot of people’s favourite time of year and it can be a lot easier to enjoy when you can appreciate all of the beauty that the weather creates through clean windows. Keeping your windows clean throughout the winter can be a tough job but it will make things so much better so here are some tips on how to keep on top of your windows.

Invest in a squeegee

If your windows are often left with streaks after cleaning them then you need to reconsider the tools that you use for the operation. A squeegee is a great tool when it comes to washing windows and this will ensure that all of the streaks are a thing of the past.

You need to make sure that you start from the top of the window as this will be most effective. This time of the year is actually great for washing your windows as long as it isn’t raining because washing windows in sunlight dries them too quickly and there is more chance of streaks so evenings and cloudy days are best which you can expect to see a lot of in the next few months.

Apply floor wax to outside window ledge

The outside ledge of your window is subject to a lot of abuse from weather variants and so it can pick up a lot of dirt quite quickly. Rubbing some floor wax onto it is a great way to keep it clean and it makes wiping it down so much easier.

Clean frequently

It is important that you stay on top of the cleanliness of your windows as this will make your job a lot easier. Clean the inside and outside glass more often and this will ensure that your windows don’t get out of hand and begin to gather mould.

PVCu windows are very easy to maintain due to the materials used in them and you can check out our range of windows on the Warmseal website which are all PVCu. If you are unsure about the different types of windows then you can give our blog on PVCu and uPVC windows a read.

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