Is Your Conservatory Too Hot in Summer?

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Is Your Conservatory Too Hot in SummerConservatories are a wonderful addition to any home. They provide you with an extra room to do with what you please. However, there are a few problems that can arise as a result of the materials used and the fact that it is predominantly glass.

The lack of insulation can leave it too cold in the winter and the vast amount of glass used can leave it too hot in the summer. There are also some other elements people dislike such as the noise created by rain on the roof.

We have a solution to the problem which will offer you a conservatory that can act as a wonderful extension to your home where your options are endless.

Replace your roof

Conservatory roofs are often made from plastic polycarbonate which has a U value of 2.4 which is higher than the desired value. This means that conservatories with these kind of roofs are getting too hot in the summer months as they are absorbing too much heat from the sun.

Replacing a roof of this material with a glass roof will reduce the U value to 1.0 and a solid insulated roof (warm roof) would reduce it further to 0.18. A glass roof would give you a good level of natural light to light the room but it would also leave the conservatory feeling cooler. The glass would also reduce the glare present in a polycarbonate roof.

The glass roof would also be effective in the winter as it would reduce the level of heat leaving the room on a cold winter night which is great for energy efficiency.Conservatory Glass

Reduced noise pollution

A glass roof would also be beneficial when it comes to noise reduction. For those who like to use their conservatory as a TV room or an office you can appreciate that it can be difficult to hear yourself think when the rain is coming down heavy.

A glass roof offers 50% more noise reduction which means that the noise reduction from things such as rain and hail would be drastic.

Again the Warm roof would further reduce noise levels creating a tranquil hub where you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

Easier maintenance

One thing that can be difficult when it comes to your conservatory roof is keeping it clean. Polycarbonate roofs pick up a lot of dirt with the changing weather and this can be difficult to wash off.

You can opt for self-cleaning glass which requires a lot less maintenance and the solid roof option will only require occasional power washing to make it look brand new.

In Conclusion

Warmseal has a plethora of replacement roof options for all types of conservatories which can help you to make that special place in your home even more special all year round without having to worry about the weather outside and the temperature inside.

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