Window Cleaning Tips: A Clearer View

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You wait all year round for that all too brief bit of sun, and when it finally arrives you realise you have a distorted view through your dirty windows. Or maybe you want to brighten the place up during those dull winter months but don’t know how.


We understand that keeping up appearances is important and so both the exterior and interior of your house should be kept in tip top shape. Windows play a large part in the first impressions of your home and first of all it is vital to invest in some good quality, efficient windows before thinking about the cleanliness.

We at Warmseal offer the best standard of double and triple glazed windows at a price that will suit you.

Although the money you have spent on your windows is necessary, you will also want to keep them looking pristine to avoid any embarrassment when hosting any form of company. Cleaning windows on your own can be a daunting task, but fear not! We are here with some vital tips to make your home a brighter place.

First things first: the tools

To ensure the best possible results the tools that you use will be crucial. Here are the ones that we recommend:

  • Household sponge
  • Squeegee
  • Plastic scrubby
  • Cotton cloth

You will also need a bucket full of the following:

  • Warm water
  • A soapy cleaning product (preferably a non-abrasive cleaner)
  • Vinegar if the windows are badly stained

If the window has dirt or water between the panes of glass there is a good chance that the seal has been broken and the window will need to be replaced. If this is the case Warmseal are the ones for you!

How do I begin?

The next step is getting started on the windows and we would recommend that you do this on a cloudy day with no breeze as sunlight will dry the solution on the window before you can wipe it off resulting in water marks.

To begin you should first take a cloth or brush and wipe away any noticeable dirt from the sill, frame and tracks to avoid rubbing this dirt into the window later. If you use a screen on your windows it is a good idea to clean these with a vacuum to get rid of any dust, bugs or debris which is carried in a breeze.

The process

Now comes the part where people doubt their ability. However, it is not as hard as you think!

Begin by dipping the sponge into your solution and wipe the window from the top to the bottom making sure not to overload on liquid. Then, while the window is still wet, take the scrubby and wipe the window in the same way to remove any stubborn dirt. Once this is achieved, take the sponge once more and give the window a once over.

You will then want to take your cloth and dry one of the top corners of the window and then follow up with the squeegee to remove all liquid from the glass. It is important to dry the squeegee with your cloth after every swipe. Finally go around the edges of the windows with a cloth to remove any excess dirt or stains.

Cleaning the interior is very similar but you should put down a towel in order not to make a mess of your floor.

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