Top Tips to Prevent Condensation

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Warmseal Window CondensationCondensation on our windows can be a big and annoying problem which makes your home feel cold, damp and dark as it obscures your view of the outside world.

Condensation makes your windows look run down and it can cause a lot of problems when dripping onto windowsills or even floorboards as well as damaging wallpaper.

Condensation occurs when there is a contrast of temperature in a certain place. If air that is warm is cooled quickly it will cause condensation and this is why there is often condensation on windows during the winter as they will be a lot colder.

Luckily there are ways to get rid of and prevent condensation from gathering on your windows and this article will outline them, explaining how you can defeat this frustrating problem.

Make temperatures the same

Conservatories can often generate condensation because they are sometimes a different temperature to the rest of the house. If you make it so the temperature in the house is consistent then this should reduce the amount of condensation that gathers on your windows.

Purchase a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier in your home will do a good job of reducing the level of moisture in the air and they can be very useful tools. You should place yours as close to the window as possible and in turn this should reduce condensation and the chances of mould or mildew occurring in your home.

Improve ventilation

A lot of the time condensation comes about as a result of a room’s lack of ventilation and this is something you can address in your home.

It isn’t very energy efficient to open a window in the winter and this is something you will want to avoid so improving ventilation with the correct methods is the way forward.

Fill in the cracks

Ceiling and wall cracks are a source of moisture getting into your home so it is imperative that you have them sealed up and fixed immediately if you want to reduce the risk of condensation in your home.

Triple Glazing

Upgrade your windows

Condensation is often present in the homes that have single glazed windows. Upgrading your windows to double or triple glazing will insulate the inner face of the glass from the cold outside and therefore help reduce the risk of condensation.

If you want to invest in some new windows that will save you money with their energy efficiency then check out our range of double and triple glazing at Warmseal.

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