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Warmseal Triple Glazing BannerEnergy efficiency really is vital in today’s society and during these cold winter months it is imperative that we save as much energy as possible so as we are not left with a frightening energy bill at the end of every term. We understand this here at Warmseal and this is why we offer a range of energy saving products. Here is a list of some of the top products on the market to help you.

Go mobile on your heating

Heating control has gone mobile these days which means you can control your heating from where ever you are by using your phone. If you are out and want to return home to a warm house after bracing the cold for long enough you can now make sure that your heating is switched on before you arrive.

Triple Glazing

One thing that is inevitable through the (strangely long) winter months is that you will have your heating on a lot of the time. This puts you at risk of receiving catastrophic energy bills, which no one needs. However, there is a solution… triple glazing. You want your home to heat up as quickly as possible when you do turn on the heating and once it does heat up it is important that you keep the heat in and prevent it from escaping because if you can manage to keep the heat in you won’t need the heating on for as long. Our triple glazed windows will keep your home nice and toasty whilst lowering those dreaded energy bills. Triple glazing is a long term investment and you will definitely make your money back in the long run.

Our triple glazed windows are top of the range and are proven to be even more efficient that double glazing as they have a special outer glass pane which is designed to allow a maximum level of solar energy into your home whilst a thick inner pane stops the heat from escaping.

Trickle Ventilators

Another good energy saving product is the trickle ventilator. This little gadget allows ventilation when the widows are closed and this comes highly recommended due to its ability to reduce condensation. You won’t have to open your windows in the winter if you have one of these as they will give you sufficient ventilation without allowing the cold air in.

Standby savers

These handy little gadgets are a great way to save energy. They can be used on phones, computers, televisions, games consoles and loads more! We waste so much energy by leaving these products on standby and this is where the Standby savers come in. They make sure that the product is switched off properly so there is no excess energy wasted.

Radiator Booster

A radiator booster is a great way to save energy and heat your room quicker. This gadget takes heat from the radiator that it is placed on and distributes this heat better into the room so that it heats up quicker. It will save lost energy and lower your bills. It sucks up the lost heat from behind the radiator and turns makes it useful by sending it around the room.

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