Heating Your Home Efficiently During Autumn and Winter

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Heating Your Home Efficiently During Autumn and WinterIf you’re worried about the rising costs of central heating bills this Autumn and Winter, there are ways to keep utility bills low. As summer becomes a distant memory, Autumn and Winter suddenly kick in, it can be very tempting to turn up the thermostat. With energy prices rising quite sharply, here are a few ways to heat your home more efficiently and cheaply.

A number of options

There are a number of good ideas cheap and efficient to slightly more expensive, when regarding heating your home during the colder months. Let’s begin with one of the cheapest ways:-

  • Thick curtains – having thick curtains will protect your house from losing heat through the windows. Choose curtains with a thermal lining, the thicker the better. If you can’t afford to splash out on thick curtains you can always line them yourself with materials like cheap fleece. Placing a curtain in front of doors to the outside will add another layer of protection, keeping the heat in and the cold out.
  • An efficient way to keep your home warm and cosy is to have good insulation. It won’t cost a fortune to have your doors and windows, as well as roof, fully insulated. Whether tackling the job yourself or using the services of insulation professionals, you can reduce your heating utility bills by around 25%. If you aren’t too sure where draughts are coming from, take a candle holding it near to doors and windows. Always remember don’t hold candles too close to curtains or blinds, think safety first.
  • Cover bare floorboards. Did you know that floors account for almost 10% of heat loss if they are not insulated? Lay carpets and rugs over bare floorboards to help deal with heat loss. Carpets and rugs also have the added bonus of keeping feet warm, just what’s needed during the long cold, winter months. They also enhance a room’s décor, so another reason to cover bare floorboards.
  • A slightly more expensive option for heating your home this fall, is to consider double or triple glazing. This will keep your property warm and help save on energy bills so investing in double or triple glazing is well worth the money. Having high quality double or triple glazed windows fitted will ensure your home is well heated while giving your property a fresh, new look. New windows can also make your home more comfortable, quieter, as well as energy efficient.
  • If you’re one of those people who spend a lot of time in your conservatory, check out a roof replacement. A new roof will transform your conservatory into a comfortable, modern, all year round living space whilst also offering a high level of insulation. New conservatory roof systems are designed to replace any existing glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs with a solid insulated, hand-finished tiled roof. Your conservatory will still retain its original windows, doors, frames and walls.Warm Roof

To sum up

Why worry about high energy bills this year when you can do something about it? From thick curtains to covering bare floorboards, insulation to having double or triple glazing installed, the choice is yours. Don’t get the blues this winter, enjoy this time of year in a warm, snug home.

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