Getting Ready for Winter

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Getting Ready for Winter The weather is going to start getting colder now but don’t worry, there are ways to combat the cold weather in the home. Nobody wants to feel cold during the winter especially when harsh winter days are only a few weeks away.

Having home improvements carried out in the winter season will help you to stay warm and comfortable when winter descends. There are ways to cut energy consumption rates in your home by having top quality Warmseal windows installed. Warmseal will give your home the makeover it deserves. All windows are A-rated for energy saving and efficiency while every product installed comes with the Warmseal guarantee.

Combatting the cold weather

Here are a few home improvements and techniques that you can use to combat the cold weather.

  • Wall and floor sealing – one easy way to ensure you’ll stop heat escaping from your home is to make sure you have the right wall and floor sealing. Try to focus on some of the problems around the home, weak points where sealing has eroded through time. One good tip is to use an infrared thermometer which will help you to spot any problem areas that could do with wall and floor sealing. This could be partially or unsealed vents, skylights or exhaust fans. Poorly sealed doors and windows also allow heat to escape while cracks in cement floors will do the same.
  • Finding insulation gaps and how to deal with them – whenever you have something that passes through walls, the chances are insulation has been weakened over the years. If you want to keep the power bill down in your home then insulation gaps need to be dealt with. This can be anything from gaps around wall penetrations such as pipes, power outlets, switches, cables, tubes and heaters. The problem can be remedied with expanding foam which blocks off the gap and provides a seamless fit. Learn more about sealing your home for the winter, it’s a decision you won’t regret.
  • How about double or triple glazing? Many home owners Triple Glazingnow use insulation in the roof, floor and walls of their properties, so why neglect the windows? If your windows are not as efficient as the rest of the house there will be cold spots around this area. Unfortunately a large percentage of heat loss in the home happens through poorly glazed windows. Unless you have double glazing or even better triple glazing, then expect to lose quite a bit of heat, not to mention astronomical utility bills. The money spent on upgrading or replacing your windows is definitely a worthwhile investment. Triple glazing provides that extra layer making your home more energy efficient, cosy and warm.Unsure if you should upgrade to triple glazing? This might be able to help.

So there we have it, a brief update of how winter home improvements will have you fully prepared for the winter. What could be better knowing that your home is well sealed, well insulated and has Grade A quality double or triple glazing?

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