Triple Glazing: Why Choose the Extra Layer?

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Triple glazed windows are the new phenomenon in the UK and if you’re interested in making your home more efficient, whilst also saving money in the long run, we offer a fantastic service where installing our triple glazing will make this a reality.


Everyone uses installation in the roof, floor and walls of their house so why neglect the windows? If your windows are not as efficient as the rest of your house there will be cold spots around this area, so why not make your home more comfortable and efficient saving yourself money on energy bills in the long run?

What’s all the fuss about?

Triple glazed windows are a fairly new idea in the UK but they are very popular in Canada and Scandinavian countries where winters can be more extreme. However, other countries, such as Germany, are also using triple glazing in all new properties in order to maximise efficiency in the home. It has now been realised that our country can also benefit from these changes and there are many advantages to installing our windows.

We offer a range of different window styles and frame colours and we believe this is important for our customers as first impressions mean a lot and we feel your house should look the way you want it to from both the inside and the out.

On top of our wide range of goods we also take pride in the fact that our windows are of grade A quality meaning you get nothing but the best. We take the environment very seriously and this means our service is environmentally friendly as we take special care to make sure there is as little waste as possible and our recycling partner assures us that all waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Better efficiency and noise control

It stands to reason that double glazing offers better efficiency and noise control than single glazing and the same logic applies with the jump from double to triple glazing. Installing our triple glazed windows will add to the efficiency of the U-values which measure how heat is transferred by the entire window. With the triple glazed window that we offer the surface temperature will be 18 degrees which is an extra 2 degrees from the best double glazing you can buy.

If you install triple glazed windows you will also make your money back if you’re in the house as a long project and it will end up saving you money on energy bills which is important in this day and age. Having triple glazed windows will also increase the price of your property if you do end up opting to sell in the future.

Why use Warmseal?

Warmseal are perfect for you as we are the leading insulation company of triple glazing in Newcastle. We are also the only manufacturer in the North East that use organically-based profile in their products which means we are the most environmentally friendly manufacturer. Call us on 0800 321 7011 for a no-obligation quote!

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