Fixing The Problem of Conservatory Condensation

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Warmseal Conservatory CondensationA conservatory is the perfect solution to needing more space in your home. The beauty of a conservatory is that it is so versatile as it can be used for absolutely anything, whether you want a games room, an office space or a relaxing second living room. What’s more, you can easily change your conservatory around whenever you want to make it your sunny paradise in summer and exciting fun room in winter.

Something that happens quite often when people invest in a conservatory is that it becomes their favourite room throughout the summer and then when the winter comes they don’t touch it at all. This is sad because your conservatory has the potential to be the best room in the house all year round.

To make the room warm up quickly when you want to use it you can install an electric fire place which looks great in winter if you go for one with real looking flames and you can also get some insulated curtains which can help greatly.

One problem that is often present during the colder winter months is condensation and this is a problem that puts a lot of people off using their conservatories as it can be a real pain to wipe down all of the windows every time you want to use this room.

The condensation comes about as a result of the conservatory most likely being cooler than any of the other rooms in the house. The water vapour in the air circulating your home will cool and turn back to liquid form in the shape of condensation when it enters your conservatory.

There are a number of solutions that you wish to try but the underlying issue is that there is a lack of ventilation in rooms like this and also their temperature does often differ from the rest of the house so you need to insulate and heat this room to keep it on par with the rest of your home.

A cheap and easy solution would be to buy a dehumidifier which would be useful for reducing the water vapour in the air, but it would be a lot more effective if this solution was paired with an improvement in the ventilation of the room which will work well with the dehumidifier and you would see a dramatic decrease in condensation.

Finally I would suggest that the best solution would be to find a way to level the temperature of your conservatory with the rest of your home. This can be the most expensive solution but the most effective for enjoying your extra space. You can do this by adding in a permanent heater such as a radiator and electric fireplace. You could also look into ways of better insulating your conservatory to keep all the necessary heat inside and the cold out.

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