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Warmseal Home BannerAre you tired of a messy home? This is a great time to get your house looking new and improved for the upcoming spring and summer months. However, you don’t need to hire a team of builders to knock your living room wall through to create space or hire cleaners to dust every inch of your home. Here are a few, quick and easy tips that will get your home looking tip top in under an hour, making you feel proud to live there.

Work together

One thing that is vital if you want to have a rapid clean of your home is that everyone should chip in. This will make the process quicker and more effective as no one can complain that their stuff has gone missing when in fact it has just been tidied up. You could give people specific rooms to clean or specific jobs; for example, you vacuum every room while another person cleans all of the surfaces.

Stash supplies

One tip that will help save some time when cleaning is keeping supplies in every room so that you can clean when you are on the move. Keeping all of your products together also helps as you can put them in a box and carry them to every room which stops you needing to return to the cupboard under the sink for a new product every five minutes.

Also make sure you have the best supplies for the job before you begin. It may be worth purchasing an extension cord for your vacuum so you can vacuum the whole house without having to unplug your machine for every room. Also purchase a squeegee or some shower spray, one of these should be used after every shower to keep it looking fresh.


One of the best ways to improve the look of your home is to declutter. A house without clutter instantly looks cleans as it becomes spacious and the focus goes from all of the things that are lying around.

It is recommended that you have special compartments for your families clutter so that everyone has somewhere to put their belongings temporarily. This way you can keep your house looking fresh and you won’t need to spend as much time cleaning.

You may also want to rearrange furniture so that there is good space in each room and make a centre piece in your living room which is decorated well with flowers or something pretty as this will take up the most attention.

Focus on the main areas

If you want to quickly clean your home to make it look good on the eye you should make sure you vacuum or sweep the major areas of each room. These are areas where everyone will be walking and observing so you don’t need to focus on cleaning under or behind furniture at this point.

Also you will need to ensure that your windows and doors are clean. This part of cleaning is very important because these are the areas that allow light into your home as well as being the vantage point for looking at the outside world and the door is the first thing people when see on entering your home. Luckily, Warmseal doors are very easy to clean due to their material so to quickly clean your Warmseal doors and windows you just need to give them a spray and a quick wipe down. This method will be effective as clean windows leads to a brighter room.

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