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Garden SummerSummer is well underway and the sun is already beating down on your wonderful home and with this comes all of the beautiful perks of summer; water fights in the garden, late night BBQ’s, garden sunbathing and don’t forget the cocktail parties on the decking.

Summer is a great time to get your friends round and have a good time in your own home but it is crucial that your house is prepared for all the summer shenanigans. This isn’t always an easy task but here are a few tips that will turn your home into the perfect summer villa.

Fresh design

One thing that will help make it feel like summer in your home is a few changes to your interior design. This can be something as small as adding a few cushions your living room that symbolise summer, or if you really want to turn your home into a summer paradise you could redecorate accordingly with some tropical wallpaper and brighter colours.

Brighten up your lifeTriple Glazing Windows

The sun is finally shining after endless months of dull winter so now it’s time to uncover your windows and let some light in. If you think your home could use an extra window you could take a look at the vast variety on offer at Warmseal. Extra light in your home can really make it a more pleasant and inviting place to be and with the new technology, that allows Warmseal to give you triple glazed windows, you can rest happy knowing that there won’t be any increase in energy bills.

Make use of the conservatory

If you have a conservatory this room should be your favourite in the house. Here you can sit and relax in a seriously bright environment whilst taking in the beautiful view of your garden. The conservatory is the ideal place to chill for a late night dinner party as it gives you the feeling of being outside without the chill in the air.

A conservatory can be a great bit of room to have throughout the year but it really comes alive in the summer so it could be a very intelligent purchase this summer.

Check out one of our previous blog articles on making the most of your conservatory to find out more.

Fix up your gardenGarden Furniture

The summer time seems to go so fast in the UK so we have to take full advantage of the hot weather when it is here by getting out in the sun as much as possible. You should, therefore, think about getting your garden ready for BBQ season by giving the decking a good clean, cutting the grass, de-cluttering and investing in some comfy and stylish garden furniture.

Your garden is a great place for a party in the summer and if it does get cold you always have the option of retreating to the conservatory for a windproof nightcap.

Stock up the fridge/freezer

With the higher temperatures outside everyone will be getting dehydrated easier so it is crucial to keep the fridge stocked with cold drinks that quench the thirst and rehydrate. Also the kids will certainly appreciate the freezer full of ice lollies and ice cream.

As long as you keep your garden in tip top shape and add some greenery to your home you will be feeling the summer vibes in no time.

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