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Holiday Home SecurityWhether you have a holiday home that you leave unattended for a large part of the year or you plan to go on holiday for a few weeks this summer and leaving your home unattended, then security is something you will need to consider.

It is important that you can leave your home and enjoy your holiday without the constant worry that your belongings aren’t safe.

Thankfully there are numerous security measures that you can take which will leave you feeling confident in the knowledge that your home, or holiday home, are safe.

Upgrade your doors and windows

The main point of entry for a potential burglar is your doors and windows. Therefore it is Kitemark Logoessential that both your doors and windows are up to scratch with the latest security requirements.

All of our products at Warmseal are Kitemarked to the highest of security standards which you can see on the logo. We are constantly looking at innovative ways that we can improve you security standards and keep your home as safe as possible.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your doors or windows to ensure maximum safety then Warmseal are the perfect candidates for the job.

Our doors and windows look strong and new which will straight away deter would be criminals. If someone sees a house that has a door or windows that look run down they are more likely to target the house as they will be easier to break into.

Alarm systems are crucial

An alarm system is a fantastic way to deter criminals from attempting to get into your home. First of all they will see the exterior alarm which straight away lets them know that this house is ready for intrusion.

If they are crazy enough to try to break in anyway the sound of the alarm will most certainly spook any burglar and send them running. The alarm will alert neighbours and police in turn which is a risk not worth taking for the criminal.

Home SecurityLight it up

Light is a key element you can use to deter opportunist thieves. You can purchase lamp sensors that will turn lights on around your home at different points in the day. This creates the illusion that there is someone home which will put off any passing criminals.

Also exterior lights that shine when they detect movement can also be a good way to put off people trying to sneak up to your home.

Looking for some more home security tips? Check out this previous blog post all about making your home burglar proof, and this one all about summer home safety.

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