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Protecting your home against crime is vital for anyone who doesn’t want to see their treasured belongings stolen, their loved ones frightened and their bank balance lowered to replace a broken entry.


Burglary may have decreased lately but with the country in a recession it is crucial that you take extra care when defending your home. It is certainly worth while making sure you are not a victim to this sort of crime and with a little bit of help it is easy to prevent your home becoming a burglar’s desired target.

Start with your garden

First things first, appearance – the outside of your home is very important.

A secure gate is advised as this will make the garden secure if it is accompanied by a fairly high fence. If someone does manage to get into your garden a security light is a very good tool to deter them. The light will shine when it detects movement and this may be noticeable to you from your home which will worry the intruder. Leaving a light on inside your home when you are out is also a good idea as it gives off the impression that you are home.

Your house can be a fortress

If a burglar wishes to break into your home the two main areas of access are the doors and the windows.

It is imperative therefore that you take all the steps necessary to ensure that your windows and doors are securely locked and sufficiently strong to prevent a break in. Warmseal windows and doors are the perfect solution to this problem as all of our windows are Kitemarked to BS 7950 and all of our doors are Kitemarked to BS P.A.S. 23 and P.A.S. 24 which guarantees you the very best security installation for windows and doors.

Fitting secure windows and doors is a great way to prevent a break in at your home but you have to ensure that you lock all windows and doors properly. Another piece of advice would be to hide any valuable items from site so that an opportunist thief doesn’t walk by your home and see something worth stealing right in the window.

Sound the alarm!

Finally, if someone does manage to get through your defence and break into your home, alarms are a great idea. You can buy alarms that attach to your doors and windows that sound when the door or window is opened. These are very handy tools to have as they are cheap, easy to fit, and will instantly scare a burglar away.

Also a burglar alarm system is useful in your home and when this alarm is set it will sound inside and outside when there is movement detected in the house. Again this is a good tool to have to deter crime because if you are in bed it will wake you and if there is no one home it will alert the neighbours.

If you are thinking about securing your home with some new windows and doors then Warmseal are the ones to call so get in touch anytime on 0800 321 7011 or come down to one of our showrooms to discuss the best options for you.

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