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Summer Home SafetyThe summer is finally upon us and this is the time of year that we can really start to look forward to a well earned break and a getaway from day to day life.

Most people will be either jetting abroad this summer or doing some exploring of the UK with family and friends. Our summer getaways are an exciting time of the time but it is important that you take all of the precaution necessary to ensure you home is safe when you’re on your travels.

Whether you’re going away for the whole summer or just simply a long weekend, it is imperative that you can enjoy your time away without worrying about your life back home. Here are some tips to help you keep your home safe when you’re gone.

One very easy way to make sure your home is looked after is by asking a family member or neighbour to go round every now and then to check up on things. They could pop in once or twice a day and simply open the curtains as this will make it seem like someone is home.

Offer your drive way up to a neighbour who has more than one car and this too will make your home look lived in and get you some brownie points too.

The lights are on but nobodies home

You need to give off the impression that your home is being lived in whilst you are away and sometimes having someone go round every now and then isn’t possible so you need to use other methods.

A great way to do this is by getting yourself some lamps that can be put on timers. These genius creations will turn themselves off and on at different intervals throughout the day.

Upgrade your home security

Home security is something that you should take seriously all year round but this time of year is a great time to start upgrading.

If you don’t already have an alarm system in your home then it might be time to get one. An alarm would alert neighbours and police which would instantly deter a potential criminal.Home Security System

You can also have light sensors fitted in your garden which come on when they detect movement. These can be effective when it comes to deterring crime as they alert neighbours.

Another thing that you should think about upgrading is your doors and windows. It is essential that they are locked and secure when you go away as these are the main entry points for potential thieves.

There are reinforced doors and windows today that are designed and created with security in mind which means that they are perfect for resisting crime. Take a look at the doors that Warmseal provide and the windows so you can be confident that your belongings are safe and sound whilst you’re away enjoying yourself.

Don’t let the worry of damage to your home ruin your getaway this summer and ensure you’ve taken the precautions to keep your home free from harm.

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