Investing in a Conservatory – What To Consider

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Investing in a Conservatory - What To ConsiderHaving a conservatory opens up a whole new outlook. It provides extra useful living space, can be an extension to your lounge, a new dining room or be used as an office. Bring the garden indoors by having a beautiful conservatory built, then relax and watch the seasons change.

Before having a conservatory installed there are things to take into account like:-

  • Where to position it – the usual place is at the back of a property. However, if you have a huge garden, the side of the house could be an alternative situation. A south facing conservatory will enjoy more sunlight as well as being a haven for peace and quiet.
  • How to heat a conservatory – during the long hot summer months, heating is no problem. During the cold winter your conservatory won’t be used much if there isn’t adequate heating. For this type of build when not in use, condensation can be a problem so install an effective heating system. This means a conservatory can be used all year round. Whether you plump for radiators, underfloor heating or portable heaters, reap the rewards with a cosy place to sit.
  • Style – try and keep the style of the conservatory the same as your property. Choose a Victorian or Edwardian style if you own an older home or for a new build how about a more contemporary style? If the property has uPVC window frames, a conservatory with the same frames will be even more appealing.
  • What is the conservatory going to be used for? It’s no good having a conservatory if Conservatoryit isn’t going to be used on a regular basis. If you want a relaxing television room for instance, consider the security of the conservatory. Window blinds are quite affordable and provide a deterrent to would-be intruders. For maximum security make sure your entire property including the conservatory has an alarm fitted.
  • Glazing and ventilation – as glass is the main feature of a conservatory, double or triple glazing is a must. It will keep the cold out in the winter and provide a beautiful view of your garden during the summer. There’s also low-emissivity and solar-controlled glass which can help with heat and cold issues. Air conditioning and roof vents will also provide solutions when the weather is warmer.
  • Many people love to fill conservatories with colourful flowers and plants. This is a great idea especially if your garden is a little on the small side and you’ve had to sacrifice a bit of outdoor space.

Lots of useful information

Make sure to find out about planning permission. You don’t usually need planning permission to erect a conservatory although it’s best to do a little research beforehand, just in case. When having a new conservatory installed, there’s a legal limit to the size and height you can have. If you have any concerns about having a conservatory built, feel free to get in touch.

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