Summer is Coming: Prepare for the Best

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Summer ConservatorySummer is coming and as we all know, it often doesn’t last very long. That means we need to make the most out of the brief summer months, and even rarer warm days.

One of the best ways to take advantage of such weather is with a conservatory. It can provide an extra space for you to hang out when the sun is shining, a comfier way of relaxing in the sun – or a place to eat with an outside view.

There are a number of reasons why choosing a conservatory, especially from us as Warmseal.

Highly Efficient

Summer is ComingFor example, our glass is British Standard accredited and A+ level rated, which makes it highly energy efficient and great for the environment. This level of efficiency does two things: keeps the warmth in the conservatory, meaning your heating bills drop as there is less need to put the radiators on, and reduces heat build-up in the Summer so that the conservatory doesn’t over-heat.

All Warmseal, our conservatories offer self-cleaning roofs, which means that keeping it spick and span won’t be the hassle you might imagine it to be.


Our conservatories are offered in a wide range of colours and styles, so that there is always bound to be a selection that will suit every individual home. The technology behind this is named Warmtone, and gives great variety to any project. Warmtone enables customers to go bright and individual, or discreet and understated.

If that isn’t your thing, Warmseal also offers an industry range of colours (RAL, BS) in order to keep every customer happy and match every order.

Worried about the cold?

Worried about the cold in winter? Don’t be, as wall-mounted heaters or under-floor heating can be installed to keep the place toasty and habitable in the chilly, northern, winter.

Furthermore, building a conservatory can often add value to your home. In fact, a study by Egg shows that as much as £11,000 can be added to the value of a property that has one.

More than one way

Another way to capture as much of the summer sun as possible is to install bi-fold doors into a home. These doors work on sliders to open up as much of the house as possible when the sun is shining and the temperature is rising.

You may even be able to open up a whole side of the house to the elements. Features of bi-fold doors include them being able to fold inwards or outwards, sliding to the left or right, a thermal and sound insulation and lockable handles.

They could come in a range of colours, and are often low maintenance.

Summer is coming. It sounds great.

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