What Makes Property Value Increase? Try One (Or All) of These 10 Things

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increasing the price of propertyIn the UK, people only move house every 23 years. But the number of first-time buyers has hit a ten-year high.

That’s a lot of people looking for their dream home…for a good price. Increasing the value of your property benefits you, but it also helps first-time buyers. By doing the hard work for them, they’re more likely to invest.

Whether you want to sell now, or you might want to sell in the future, making these small changes can only boost your home’s value.

But what makes property value increase in the first place? Read on to find out!

1. Rework Your Floor Plan

You can’t always increase the physical footprint of your home. But you can boost the available square footage.

Where possible (and with the advice of a structural professional), remove walls to open up living space. Providing buyers with flexible space lets them see themselves in your home.

Multi-purpose rooms let buyers change the configuration depending on their needs.

You can also consider extending down into the basement, or up into the attic. Either of these spaces can give you an extra room (or two).

2. Think Energy Efficiency

Homebuyers want to know their energy bills won’t cost the earth. Making your home energy efficient saves you money and increases its value at the same time.

Investigate cavity wall insulation or additional insulation in your attic space.

Do your windows have the right coatings? Check their BFRC rating. And how about your water heating system?

Even switching out light fittings for LED alternatives saves money and it helps contribute to green living.

3. Get Your Kitchen in Order

We don’t mean that you need to rip out and replace the entire kitchen. But you should focus on updating or refreshing this important room.

Consider adding new counters and floors in a fresh, bright colour scheme. Subway tiling makes a great option for a splashback.

If the cabinets are in good condition, spruce them up with a fresh paint job. Change the hardware to liven them up.

Update the appliances to really boost the value of the kitchen.

4. Future-Proof Your Home

Ageing populations mean people don’t want to spend time adapting their home for old age. They want to grow old in the home they already love.

You might not want to invest in stair lights, wider staircases or bigger doorways just yet. But you can choose easier options like a walk-in shower. They’re accessible for wheelchairs and eliminate that awkward step into the tub.

5. Expand into the Garden

Your garden can be turned into an extra ‘room’ if you plan the space properly. And if you plan it right, buyers won’t have to touch it – boosting the value of your home.

Avoid high maintenance spaces like pools or hot tubs. Instead, go for outdoor grills and built-in seating. Even just adding a patio or deck can tame an unkempt lawn.

Trim shrubs and do any repairs in the outside area, like repainting the fence or fixing scratches to the doors.

Failing that, you can always add an orangery if the weather doesn’t support outdoor living.

6. Switch up Your Windows and Doors

Speaking of doors, the doors and windows of your home are its face to the world. Updating both helps to modernize your home and increases its curb appeal.

A swift way to improve the value of your property is to add an awning over the front door. It gives homeowners somewhere to shelter from the rain while they find their keys.

Changing the windows for double glazing also works towards point 2, making your home more energy efficient.

Check out our guide to buying new windows if you’re unsure of the process.

7. Replace Carpet with Hardwood

Carpets have their advantages. They’re warmer underfoot and they help insulate a room. But they also require more cleaning and trap dust, which is no good for allergy sufferers.

Millennial home buyers don’t want to spend time cleaning their home. They want to enjoy it.

So replace the carpet with durable hardwood floors. Try engineered wood, which has a thin veneer of hardwood over a base of plywood.

8. Let the Light In

Wherever you can, let light into your home. And find a way to control the light.

Install a sun tube to funnel light from the roof into a room. You’ll enjoy natural light in your rooms without the fuss of a skylight.

Use soft lighting to warm up larger rooms. And think of using blinds to cut down on bright glare at midday.

9. Ditch the Quirky Colour Schemes

You may have once loved vivid purple and neon green. But it’s unlikely potential buyers will be as keen.

Swap out the quirky colour schemes in favour of simple palettes. It doesn’t have to just be white. Neutral colours of many shades will still work.

Think of pale grey, biscuit, or yellow. They’ll make the rooms look larger and appeal to more buyers.

In terms of cheap home upgrades, they don’t come much cheaper than a new paint job.

10. Consider Smart Home Technology

You don’t want to invest too much in adding technology to a home you’d like to sell. But adding strategic products helps sell the idea of your house as a home for the future.

Smart thermostats are a great option because they’re a good entry item to smart home technology. But because they adapt to the way you use your home, they’ll also help save energy, linking in to point 2.

Swapping out light bulbs for smart bulbs, or adding smart door locks, can help send the same high-tech message.

Now You Know What Makes Property Value Increase

This list might look incredibly overwhelming at first glance. Don’t try to change everything at once. Pick a step from this list and work through it. Then move onto the next one.

That’s what makes property value increase.

And when you think about changing your windows and doors, why not book a consultation? Our team can guide you through the process and help you choose the right ones for your home.

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