Finding the Right Fit: How to Choose a Window Installation Company

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Apart from aesthetic appeal, windows provide much more to a home or building. Depending on the type of windows you install, the other benefits you get from windows include:

  • Uplifting your home or buildings value
  • Saving on energy costs
  • Improving your security
  • Enhancing your privacy

For such an essential aspect of your home, it does not make any sense to hire the first handyman you come across. As a result, it is necessary to have your windows installed or replaced by a reliable window installation company.

So, how do you find the best window installation or repair company?

Well, keep reading.

We have compiled an elaborate seven-step guide on how to go about the whole process.

1. Determine What You Want

The first step is to establish a clear picture of what you need to get done. It could be you want:

  • To remodel your home with new windows
  • Replace damaged windows
  • Install new windows in your newly built house

Before commencing the search for window installation firms, determine the type of windows you want. By the kind of windows we mean:

  • The style (e.g. awnings, arches, sliding, flapping)
  • The assortment of panes (e.g. double glazed, triple glazed, frost glass)

Once you have determined what you want, conduct some research on the costs of the materials required. With this information, it is hard to get duped into paying a higher price for the items.

2. Seek Out Recommendations In Your Area

You can get recommendations for window installers from friends and relatives in your area. Alternatively, you can turn to the internet and search for (home windows installation *your city/town*).

When getting recommendations, it is advisable to check if they have a showroom.

A showroom is a space dedicated to displaying the types of windows a particular company sells, installs and repairs. It also provides an opportunity for you to see what else is available for you to choose from if you haven’t made up your mind.

3. Visit the Showrooms

Once you have acquired a list of potential candidates for window installation, make time to visit their showrooms.

At the showroom, make sure they have what you are looking for before engaging them any further. Check every piece on display and make sure you are content with the level of quality.

Additionally, ask them to provide you with a portfolio of their previous works. When looking through the collection, ask them to give you their references’ contacts.

Additionally, ask them if they can conduct a preliminary visit to your residence, before providing you with an estimate for the job. A handyman who is willing to take measurements before giving you a quote displays professionalism. If a window installer doesn’t want to conduct a preliminary visit, eliminate them from your list of candidates.

4. Get In Touch With the References

Before you commence shortlisting your candidates, get in touch with the references. Remember, these are people who have procured their service before. Hence, they should be able to provide you with a clue of how professional and cost-effective each candidate is.

When calling or emailing the references, always make sure the contact matches the specific job in the portfolio. This ensures you do not get details of a deferent job from a different reference.

When calling the references, ask the following questions about the window installer:

  • Did they install/repair a particular design or style for you? Give specific details from the portfolio
  • Did they provide the materials or did you source them yourself?
  • How would you rate their service?
  • Were you content with the finished job?
  • How much time did it take to complete the work?
  • Did they have a supervisor on site?
  • How cost effective were they on materials and labour?
  • Did they clean up the area after the work was complete?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate their overall professionalism and work ethic?
  • Would you recommend them to me for a job?

Make sure you write down each reference’s reviews on these questions for each window installation candidate. If a candidate gets a negative review on any subject, disqualify them from your list.

5. Get Estimates

After talking to the references the next step is to obtain estimates for the job. Ask the remaining companies to conduct a preliminary visit to your premises.

Have them take measurements of your windows and ask them to give you a detailed estimate for the work. The quote should include:

  • A list of the materials required. These are window panes, glue, wood, etc.
  • The number of men needed for the job
  • The number of hours the work should take
  • Cost per hour per man
  • Additional services to be rendered such as cleaning up

When all remaining candidates have provided their estimates, make a point of comparing and contrasting. Don’t just settle for the cheapest offer.

Check the average cost of the materials from your local hardware and also check the average hourly wages for home windows installers in your area. If any contractor is too high or to low from the averages, disqualify them.

In most cases, inexperienced contractors charge meager wages in a bid to remain in business but provide substandard work.

6. Check for Insurance and Training Documentation

At this point, you should have two or three remaining candidates in your list. It is now time to qualify them based on their experience and documentation.

You can call the remaining candidates and ask them if they are insured. They should have the following two types of insurance:

Workman/Employee Insurance: This type of insurance covers the company’s workers against any injuries they might attain while working on your windows. In such a case you should not be liable for injuries.

Public/Third-Party Insurance: This type of insurance covers your property. In the event the window contractor causes significant damage to your property or your neighbour’s property, the insurance will reimburse cover the cost of the accident.

Additionally, ask them to provide proof of training for their workers. It would be unfortunate to hire a company that employed untrained personnel to work on your windows. Hence, ask them to email you copies of their worker’s certificates of training.

Make sure the certificates are from recognized training institutions.

7. Make Your Choice Based On Experience

Irrespective of the industry, the best quality of work comes from experienced hands. Hence, pick the company with the most skilled workers. You can determine experience in two ways. By checking how long the company has been in business as well as how many projects similar to yours they have completed.

In both cases, the more the better.

Final Thoughts On Choosing a Suitable Window Installation Company

The final check when hiring a window installation company is the warranty. A warranty ensures you do not pay anything extra if the company doesn’t conduct a successful job the first time. If the new windows break/crack within the warranty period, then the window company should cover the windows repair for free.

Hence, also consider the duration of the warranty when selecting a suitable company.

If you are looking for a reliable home window replacement and installation company, get in touch with us. Let our dedicated team of experienced window experts install your new windows.


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