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Window GlassAs manufacturers and suppliers of double glazing, Warmseal are always looking for ways to improve and maintain a fantastic quality of service for our customers. Because of this, we are committed to working with and alongside various external organisations in order to ensure the best service and product range that we can possibly provide, whilst making the necessary changes and adjustments to keep thriving. As a company that both manufactures and distributes double glazing windows for all purposes, we are very proud to call our company a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation, otherwise known as GGF.

The Glass & Glazing FederationThe GGF is the officially recognised leading authority for both employers and companies working within the flat glass, glazing, home improvement, plastics and applied window firm industries in the UK. This applies to both domestic and commercial sectors. The organisation has been working with flat glass manufacturers since the 1970s, continuously developing new methods, solutions and advisory guidelines for those working in the industry. To be a member of this federation is a mark of quality, something that feel passionate about as a company. We want our customers to be assured of our commitment to good practices and even better products and working with the GFF is easily the best form as assurance that we can offer.

All members of the GGF are vetted in order to ensure a great quality of service. As we are a member, Warmseal’s services have been both carefully and critically examined through a process of onsite visits, the checking of company accounts and gathering up references for appraisal. We have incorporated the GGF ethos into our own in order to provide a superlative service; being a member of the GGF guarantees that we work to an excellent Code of Good practice as well as adhering to the technical standards that were laid out in the GGF’s Glazing Manual. It’s a rigorous and comprehensive process that’s been refined and developed over the decades, committed to improving not just on service, but the sustainability and efficiency of our products.

We would recommend that our customers visit the official website of the Glass and Glazing Federation for more information. As the leading authority on the flat glass industry, the GGF will have all the answers to your most pressing questions on the subject. The site alone provides an extensive amount of information for consumers as well companies and workers within the industry, helping you to better understand the products that you’re using as well as making the right choice for you and your home. We understand that every customer has their own concerns and questions, so we invite them to look over the policies of the GGF and make a decision that they’re happy with. You can even search for other accredited members of the Federation to see the best of the best in the industry. At Warmseal, we feel that it’s important for our customers to be well-informed and sure of their choices as well as satisfied with the service that we provide.

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